• When: 2019-08-08
  • QIC: Jam and Juice
  • The PAX: Voltron, Paper Jam, Baby Heart, Training Wheels, Da Bear, RockDrop, HeadGear, Notebook, Fish Wrap, Potluck, Simon Says, Zika, Arrears, Putt Putt, Quest, Juice

Jam and Juice at The Arena

A few weeks back Voltron EHd YHC and Jam to co-Q over at Arena.  After some back and forth we picked a day. And so it was 8-8. Good thing Voltron gave us a heads up Tuesday because we both forgot about.  As we rolled in to the Arena only Voltron could be found.  But soon the parking lot was fool of pax like Notebook. Sixteen total pax for some Jam & Juice. Below is the happenings from our visit.

Conditions: 78, sticky, gloomy.
1 MW

Led by Jam:
Native American run around the parking lot to get the blood flowing.
COP all IC and x 20
Imperial Walker (counterclockwise)

Mosey to side parking lot where Jam made things up as he went for the next few minutes.
Kind of like Elevens but nothing like them.
Line up on a parking line.  Do 11 BBSU’s
Run down parking lot to the eleventh line and turn and come back.
Do 10 BBSU’s>
Run down parking lot to the tenth line and turn and come back.
Rinse and repeat, reducing reps and distance til 1 rep and 1 line over.

Circle up for Merkin Bomb.  Clockwise.
Plank til you turn.  Perform 3 merkins and tap the pax to your left. Then 2 merkins. Then 1 merkin.

Line up on far end of parking lot for the parking line shuffle.  Shuffle down a parking line, run forward to next, then shuffle back down. Rinse and repeat all the way down the lot.

Line up at end of lot.
Sprint to the other end.
High knees to other end.
Buck kicks to the other end.

At this point Jam was done.

Juice’s turn:
Crazy Eights
Eight exercises, 8 reps, not quite 8 times.
Squat Jumps
Incline Merkins
Monkey Humpers
Decline Merkins
Monkey Humpers
Hand release merkins.
We made it through 5 rounds.

Mosey to grass for Mary for 8 more exercises.
All IC and x 15
Flutter Kicks
Shoulder Taps
Freddie Mercury
Mountain Climber
Gas Pumps
Peter Parkers
Box Cutters

Mosey to the flag for COT
Mission Cookout tomorrow, see Training Wheels
8-24; Stomp the Swamp and Jailbreak Escape
8-11; SAFE pedestrian safety meeting at Mt. Horeb at 5 pm

Prayer request:
Putt Putt- His family and M

Devo: Making Wise Decisions, Charles Stanley, InTouch

Galatians 6:7-10

Much of our life can be summed up by the decisions we’ve made right until the present. This is why it’s so important to learn to make wise choices that lead to the life God wants for us. And the foundation for doing so is a firm conviction regarding the truth of God’s Word, which will ground us in every area—relationships, finances, work, church, and the use of our time.

The unchanging principle of sowing and reaping is one that should guide every decision we make, because a harvest will eventually result from the action we take. Paul contrasted two different ways Christians can sow—either to the Spirit or to the flesh.

There is a battle raging within us between the desires of the Holy Spirit, who has come to live within us, and the desires of our flesh—those sin patterns and self-serving tendencies remaining in us even after salvation (Gal. 5:17). Our goal should be to put our sinful, selfish desires to death so that we can follow the Spirit as He directs us according to the Scriptures. Therefore, the better we know and understand God’s Word, the more we will be able to discern the Spirit’s leading.

To make this practical, remember that every time you rehearse a wrong done to you, complain with regard to your situation, gossip about a friend, or indulge an addictive desire, you are sowing to the flesh and will reap more of the same later. But if you let the Spirit lead and empower you, you’ll be able to forgive others, be content in every situation, and acquire holy desires and the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23).