• When: 2019-08-08
  • QIC: Moose
  • The PAX: Devito, Box Wine, Shredder, Neckbrace, Whitney, Prairie Dog, Soft Toss, Chubbs, Moose, Favre(FNG), Lumbergh

Core Tight

11 Pax post under a gentle breeze at Depot this morning. YHC gives the disclaimer and is to begin and then has it pointed out that an FNG had snuck in behind him. Also in attendance was the man, the myth, the legend Soft Toss for whom I had promised no running if he showed up.

To get things started, we then move at a pace comfortable for you(no running necessary) over to the soccer field for a warmup

LAC x 10 IC (forwards and back)

Windmills x 10 IC

Now that we are loose, Pax would hold a plank for about 20 seconds then move to low plank for about 20 seconds. While in low plank

Plank Jacks x 10 IC

Return to High Plank

Mountain Climbers x 10 IC

Now is where the fun begins:

Tha Thang

Line up at first light pole. Bear Crawl to the next light pole while staying together as a group. Depot is no place for a show off. If anyone needs a break, call it out and all Pax do 10 LBC. After 40 LBC, we finally arrive at the light pole.

BBSU x 20

Flutters x 10 IC

Iron Cross x 20

American Hammer x 10 IC

Next Pax will Crab Walk towards the next pole. Realizing that may take a while, YHC calls an audible and stops halfway. 20 more LBC done as we stay together as a group. Repeat exercises from pole 1.

Now we will head back towards pole 1. This time Pax army crawl from a low plank position. About halfway back, YHC calls for a jailbreak back to the pole. 20 more LBCs accomplished. Repeat exercises from pole 1.

Next, Head back towards the starting pole with a Crawl Bear(backwards bear crawl) stopping at the soccer goal about halfway (or all the way if you are Chubbs and you don’t want to stay with the Pax). 20 more LBC done during sequence. Repeat exercises from pole 1 and lunge walks back to the start. Repeat exercises once more.

Pax are now instructed to partner up and head to the playground. Partner 1 does a wall sit while partner 2 does leg lifts on various playground equipment. Flip flop after 1 minute twice. To finish up, AMRAP Merkins for 1 minute. Recover to the shovel flag


Convergence Saturday at 0615 at Strut. Come support your Depot brothers in a ‘friendly’ competition

Praise for Nutmegs dad beating cancer for a second time.