• When: 2019-01-24
  • QIC: Juice
  • The PAX: MacGruber, Squatter, Brita, Lumbergh, Juice

It Could Have Been Worse

The forecast did not look good for the gloom.  Yesterday there was chatter of 100% chance of rain but that did not stop the HC’s.  As YHC rolled in the parking lot for SL, Brita and Lumbergh were waiting.  With the rain this morning we kept the stridelite in the confines of the Ambush territory.  Squatter and MacGruber rolled in and we were ready to go.  Thanks guys for showing up in less than ideal conditions and helping me get my 36th year kicked off right.

Condition: 60 and raining

1 minute warning

Mosey to the Hexagon for COP:
SSH x 36
Imperial walker x 36
6 ct Burpees x 6

Today we celebrate the number 36 with 36’s.  Grab a bench for the first round. 
Do 24 reps of 1st exercise then do 12 reps of 2nd exercise.  R&R subtracting 4 reps from the 1st and adding 4 reps to the 2nd, until you complete 12 reps of 1st and 24 reps of 2nd.  Each round always equals 36. You end up with 72 reps of each exercise.
Round 1- Dips and Incline merkins
Mosey to brick pile and get two bricks and head toward the elementary school breezeway.  YHC decided to try to keep the guys dry for this section of 36’s.
Round 2- Tricep extensions and LBC’s
Round 3- Lateral Raises and Flutter Kicks
Round 4- Curls for the Girls and Gas Pumps
Round 5- Presses and BBSU’s

Mosey back to the brick pile and return bricks.

Mosey to Flag.
Prayer request:
Powell family- Cancer


Philippians 1:21
21 For me, living is Christ and dying is gain.

This is one of my go to verses.  Paul is writing to the Philippians from prison and the whole book of Philippians is about joy.  Paul found his joy in Christ.  Everything he did was to serve the Lord and to further the kingdom.  He considered death a gain because he would have more of Christ and be able to see Him face to face.  Can you say that you feel the same as Paul?