• When: 2019-09-19
  • QIC: Harp
  • The PAX: Finch, Fergie (Respect), Honeybun (Respect), Deadstick (Respect), TriDelta, Awol (Respect), Pups (Respect), Bunkbed, Harp (Respect)

Iron Pax challenge Week 3

9 Pax took advantage of cooler temps and lower humidity today to face the IronPax challenge week 3 workout.  T-Claps to Finch for assisting YHC in a little site prep wednesday morning by carrying 10 cinder blocks from the bottom of the big boy stairs over to the pull up area. T-Claps also to Deadstick for posting in the gloom just a week after heart surgery to help us keep time and scores, and especially for not making too much fun of how tired we were.

Conditions 61 and cool


Opening Prayer

Mosey to the pull up bars for a quick warm up

SSH IC x 10

TTT IC x 10

Michael Phelps IC x 5

The Thang:

10 pull ups

15 jump over burpees

20 curls for the girls

25 Squat thrusters

30 gas pumpers

Rinse and repeat until you die or hit 43 minutes



Prayer requests:  Hoboken recovery, Deadstick recovery, HB’s M, HB’s job

Closing prayer