• When: 2019-03-21
  • QIC: Dear Diary
  • The PAX: Quisenberry, Tater, Deadbolt, P Jumper, Treadmill, Booster, Wapner, Canseco, Fry Daddy, Swanson, Buttermaker, Danceoff, The Big Peter, Granola, Wilbur, Pickaxe & Dear Diary

I did not say Rinse & Repeat!

(18) Pax show up to Turning Point but neither team comes away with a win. 9 to 9 for both teams.

Weather: 50’s and dry (for a change) with a super moon to light our way thru the clouds.

The Thang:

Disclaimer / BOM / Prayer

SH X 15 ic, TTT X 15 ic, Moroccan Night Club x 15 ic & LBAC (front) x 15 ic

Mosey to the wall at the front right side of front parking lot. Grab a spot.

Dips x 10 on the wall, Bear Crawl to next sidewalk, LBC x 20, Bear Crawl to next sidewalk, Merkins x 30, Bear Crawl across the road & grass to the road to the teachers lot. Run back to the wall (starting point) & plank for the six. Consenus among the Pax was that YHC said Rinse & Repeat but then RENIGGED! I challenge this and claim “Chemo Brain” (this is a real thing). “I did not say Rinse & Repeat”, in my mind.

Mosey to the teachers lot and grab a partner.

100 Merkins while partner runs across and back, flap jack until complete. 100 of something else i can’t remember.

Mosey to the Block Pile and grab 1 block per pair (keep your partner) and head to the basketball court by the playground. Line up on the end closest to the woods.

100 Merkins while partner bear crawls down and back then flap jack until complete, 100 curls for the girls while partner runs down and back, 100 BBSU with block while partner runs down and back, 100 LBC while partner runs down and back carrying block.

Return Your Block and Mosey to the Shovel Flag for Mary.

Boat Canoe on my call, Flutter Kicks x 15 & LBAC (backwards) x 10.

Recover for COT



Announcements: Cross Ruck, P200

Prayers: Corbet Anderson, Swanson’s Father, Praise for good results for Booster’s brother


Devo: you are not on your own