• When: 2019-03-26
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Columbo (R), Pondo, Tuff Guy, Whittle, Pick It Up, Kenwood.

The Jumanji guys tackle a few block and mary exercises

So YHC is getting out the house this morning and sets my phone down.  I put some clothes in a “donate” bin in the garage and got sidetracked leaving my phone sitting on the steps.  Luckily my weinke was printed out and ready to go.  I did have to hand write some names/notes along the way to (hopefully) not forget any of the chatter.  Anyhow, here is how things went down…

Weather: super nice, damp (we stayed dry), the rain last night washed much of the pollen away (woohoo!!!)

1 minute warning, intro, no FNGs, disclaimer, prayer

Mosey around the parking lot and circle up for some warm-up exercises:

  • 15x SSHs
  • 15x Air Squats IC
  • 15x IW IC
  • 15x TTTs IC

Head to the block pile, select a good one, and head back to the light pole where we met up.  There we intertwined some block work with mary exercises:

  • First block exercise is 10x Block Jump Burpees
  • Mary time…  15x Flutter Kicks & 15x LBCs
  • Next block exercise is 20x Block Thrusters
  • Mary time…  15x Monkey Crunches & 15x Reverse Crunches
  • Next block exercise is 30x Block Bear Hug Squats
  • Mary time…  15x Freddy Mercurys & 15x Gas Pumps
  • Next block exercise is 40x Block CFTGs
  • Mary time…  15x Windshield Wipers & 15x LBFCs 
  • Next block exercise is 50x Block Toilet Squats
  • Mary time…  15x Boxcutters & 16x Outlaws
  • Next block exercise is 60x Block Overhead Presses
  • Mary time…  15x American Hammers & 15x Rosalitas
  • Next block exercise is 70x Block Bent Over Rows
  • Mary time…  15x Hello Dollys & 15x Rosalita Whips
  • Next block exercise is 80x Block Bench Presses
  • Mary time…  16x E2K & 15x Bay City Scissors
  • Next block exercise is 90x Block Sumo Squats
  • Mary time…  10x Boat Canoes & 10x V-Ups
  • Last block exercise is 100 yards Overhead Block Carry to the block pile

After the blocks were returned we finished up back at the light pole with 40x Curb Calf Raises OYO using a partner for balance.

That took us to the 45 minute mark and the end of the workout.  T-claps to the guys for putting in the hard work this morning.


  • Columbo is looking into organizing a “yard work day” for a nearby neighbor.
  • The Gauntlet is coming in a couple weeks.  Get out there and do it a couple days, or all 10 days if you are up to the challenge!


  • Columbo – family trip to Ohio
  • Columbo – upcoming phone interview
  • Any PAX that may be healing up from injury