• When: 2018-09-25
  • QIC: Hoist
  • The PAX: Double Deuce, Bouche, Wild Hog, Ranger (Respect), Gravedigger, Iron Mary, Chuckwagon, Cooter, Stalker, Drago, Brick, Honey Booboo

Hollow Bday Q made everyone dread how old 45 actually is

Well my run of circuit training workouts and is over and I wanted to try something new for my 45th birthday.  45 stations and exercises with 45 reps really made me realize how old I was.  It would have been a lot easier and my body would have felt a lot better if I was 35.  Oh well…

Conditions: 78 degrees and actually nice for a change.

The thang:

Disclaimer, prayer and mosey around the parking lot

SSH IC x 45

Mosey to one of the parking lot


Pax line up at one end of the parking where there were 45 parking spaces in a row.  Rotating between parking spaces until you make it to the end do:

  • 5 merkins then 5 jump squats.  When you make it the last parking space, run around the parking lot and plank on the six.
  • Rinse and repeat with 5 BB situps then Carolina Dry docks.

Mosey to the block pile and all pax grab a block.

  • Do 45 overhead press with the block and mosey around the parking lot.  Plank waiting on the six.
  • Do 45 curls for the girls and back pedal around the parking lot.  Back pedaling that far hurts BTW.  Plank waiting on the six.
  • Return the blocks to the pile and grab two bricks.   Do 45 side lateral raises and lunge to the breezeway.  Mosey back and return the bricks to the pile

Finish off with 45 LBCs and one egg roll in honor of Slumlord

Mosey back to the flag




Announcements:  Harry Bison coming up on Nov 17th (YHC will share registration link), Nov 3rd – City Ruck Tour, RC’s 60th Birthday Q on September 27th, Cheech 10K – Nov 10th, Harbison 100M, 100K, and 50K on Jan 5th, Wildcat CSAUP on December 1st.

Prayer Requests:  Flood victims, Drago going on his missionary trip