• When: 2019-04-13
  • QIC: Iron Mary
  • The PAX: Scotch, Meatball, Argyle, Stay Fresh, Head Gear, FNG - Mudflap, Notebook, Iron Mary

Hollow AMRAP Trial Run and Development

It was a great morning to put in work at The Hollow!  YHC planned a workout around the development stages of a new AMRAP.  We’ll still resurrect The Tomcat from time to time, but the men of The Hollow are ready for a new challenge. 8 PAX showed up this morning to give it a go.  Tweaks are inevitable, but what we did this morning turned out to be a pretty good beatdown.  Fun was had by all!

FNG – Didn’t catch his name #Cobains




Mosey around the parking lot and circle up

SSH x 15 IC

TTT x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

The Thang – New AMRAP Development

Mosey to the block pile and grab a block

1st Station – Merkins and OH Press

  • Merkins x 1 then OH Press x 2
  • Merkins x 2 then OH Press x 4
  • Continue to…
  • Merkins x 11 then OH Press x 22

Mosey clockwise around the back of the school to the Tennis Courts

2nd Station – Bear Crawls and Squats

  • Bear Crawl to center line then Squats x 11
  • Continue Bear Crawl to center of the two courts then Squats x 11
  • Continue Bear Crawl to center line of 2nd court then Squats x 11
  • Continue Bear Crawl to out line of 2nd court then Squats x 11

Continue mosey clockwise to planter by Baseball press box

3rd Station – Step-ups and Decline Merkins on Planter Box

  • Step-ups x 22 (11 each leg) then..
  • Decline Merkins x 11

Continue mosey clockwise around school to Tomcat Stairs

4th Station – 1 Round of the Tomcat

  • Merkins x 21 at the top
  • LBC’s x 21 at the top
  • Merkins x 21 at the bottom
  • LBC’s x 21 at the bottom

Continue mosey clockwise around the school to the Breezeway at The Hollow parking lot.

5th Station – Column Lunges and Broadjump

  • Lunge to 1st column
  • Broadjump to 2nd column
  • Continue to last column

Mosey back to starting line (Block Pile Area)

Due to the time it took to complete the 1st round – Approximately 28 minutes – we made some changes for round 2.

  • Station 1 (Blocks Pile) – Changed the block ladder to Thrusters x 11
  • Station 2 (Tennis Courts) – No changes
  • Station 3 (Planter Box) – No changes
  • Station 4 (Tomcat Stairs) – Changed from 21 reps to 11 and reduced lap of ramp from 2 to 1
  • Station 5 (Breezeway) – No changes

The changes reduce the amount of time it took to complete the round from 28 minutes to 18 minutes.

YHC thinks it’s possible for the fast guys to complete over 3 rounds.  Each station will count as .1 point.  So if you complete 3 rounds and two stations your score would be 3.2.

There’s a good bit of running in this AMRAP.  YHC logged 2.5 miles in 40 minutes of work.

We didn’t want to start another round with 10 minutes remaining.  Here’s what we did in the final 10 minutes:

  • Curls x 50
  • Thrusters x 15
  • Block Swings x 21

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag for COT & BOM




Announcements:  F3 5K on April 27, support Thumbs Up in his LLS Man of the Year Campaign.

Prayer Requests and Praises:  Head Gear had a praise about his 8 week old niece that has been cleared to come home after being born with complications, Prayers for Grave Digger’s mom who’s been fighting cancer and is the ICU after lung surgery, prayers for the guys running in the HSF 100, safe travels to all our brothers and their families over Spring Break.

Name FNG – Works for a Site Contractor – Dirt Boy, Mudflap, Mudflap it is!



Moleskin:  Good times out there this morning men!  Looking forward to tweaking this workout a little with the help of The Hollow PAX and run through it again at full speed.  Should be fun to track our progress.  Had some thoughts about the AMRAP name.  The Legend – derived from campus Legend and Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Also thought of “Glory Days” – derived from glory days of playing sports and other activities from our high school days.  Looking forward to hearing some of your suggestions for our new AMRAP name.