• When: 2017-12-01
  • QIC: Granola
  • The PAX: Wapner, Granola, Boo (R), Kyrie, House (R), Spackle (R), Voltron, Hopper, (R), Hot4Teacher, Fry Daddy, Chedda, Long Haul, Yahoo, Swanson, Dear Diary, Quisenberry

Hobby Lobby and Back

16 Pax for an out and back to Hobby Lobby (or 21 minutes and turn around).

Conditions: warm low 60’s and foggy

Circle up.
Safety reminder.
count off – 16 pax at the start.

leave Crusade and head to Hobby Lobby, straight through Whiteford. There and back with a full run around the perimeter of the full parking lot is 5 miles. if you get to 21 minutes before getting well around the parking lot, head on back.

circle up.
count off again – 16 pax to finish.


Announcements: Courtesy of Wapner
Snowball Parade 12/3
Christmas Party 12/15
Grow Ruck 1/26-28

Prayer Requests:
Yahoo coworker struggling with addiction
Dear Diary – thank you for the recent prayers, keep mom and wife lifted up as they are struggling with all that has been going on. Mom lost dad about 4 years go.


About a week ago, we were all talking about how thankful we were (at Thanksgiving), and now, many find themselves rushing around trying to get ready for Christmas. Don’t lose that thankful heart as we move closer and closer to the time we celebrate the gift for which we should all be the most thankful – Jesus Christ.