• When: 2019-08-13
  • QIC: Whisper
  • The PAX: Weekend Special, Hopper, Spackle, Shades of Grey, Good Hands, Rebar, Mid Range, Joe Pa, Digger, The Nature Boy, Head and Shoulders, Dance Machine, Frosty, Rug Burn, Pearl, Bo knows, Bulldog, Cartwheel

Graveyard 8/13/19

It is with a heavy heart that I post this backbeats. While as is traditional I started by determining if their were FNGs of which there were none, and then with the disclaimer. It is still the Q’s responsibility to keep the pax safe and in that I failed. All started well with a prayer, then the pax moseyed to the press box where we warmed up with a few TTT and some LBAC. Then we divided into two groups and proceeded to alternate between exercises for one group while the other group either ran suicides, bear crawled, or lunges and then we would switch up. While one group was doing chest presses tragedy struck. Spackle who is known for never complaining had a brick he was using land in the tips of his third and fourth finger on one hand causing a harrowing crush injury. Despite the severity of the injury he continued on and finished the workout. He is currently in stable condition according to the most recent press release. We are all praying that he won’t lose the finger. It is his bird flipping finger after all. Otherwise the workout finished as planned. The COT was completed where we announced the Graveyard events for the week. Some crazy workout involving 100 sprints across a football field tomorrow morning. let Dan leading on Thursday. Some random version of the Reaper Friday and frisbee Saturday morning. We prayed for Tumbler to continue his recovery from injury and with the great love and respect we have for him we all beseeched the lord to heal Spackle’s finger. Pax wanting to send Spackle well wishes should post them on Twitter.