• When: 2019-09-26
  • QIC: Rocking Chair
  • The PAX: Strut, Ballboy, Breakfast Club, Zoomzoom, Dos,Hot 4 Teacher, Ranger (R), Life Alert, Postal, Tinkle, Deebo, Tailpipe, No Help, Shandy, Airball(FNG), Brownie, Wingback, Rocking Chair(R).

GODSPEED Breakfast Club

Thank you, and sorry about that, to all my brothers who posted this morning and who sent me well wishes on YHC’s 61st birthday Q.  This birthday Q, however, was about more than YHC turning another year older.  It was about supporting one of our own as he and his family face an extended time apart in the near future.  That being said, here’s what it was:

1 minute warning, Intro , disclaimer, check for FNG (oh boy, there’s one), BOM, begin.

SSH x 20 IC, follow me , run approx.,. 100 yards, SSH X 20, IC, follow me , run approx. 100 yards, SSHx21, IC, total of 61.  Follow me to the Field of Dreams after selecting a nice block from the pile.

Today’s workout consists of 8 stations – 1 exercise set at each.  After completing each set, we will run around the Field of Dreams , watch out for the automatic sprinklers (oops…) and then proceed to the next station as directed.  Station are:

  1. Gas pumps with block overhead x 30
  2. Overhead block press x 30
  3. Decline merkins off your block x 30
  4. Scorpion drydocks x 30, change legs after 15
  5. Plank jacks with hands on block x 30, instead of a lap around the field run to bottom of hill meeting at Candy Stripe gate
  6. El Capitan (DEEP lunges, knee to the ground, all the way to the top of the hill
  7. Elevens with Merkins and Burpees,  this was an absolute beast and crowd pleaser!
  8. Diamond Merkins with hands on block x 30

After returning blocks , Indian run?/ Jailbreak to the Flag for Mary.

YHC called out his favorite, it is my birthday,  of Boat/Canoe which a Tritoon thrown in for good measure.  Circle up, Count-a-rama, Name-a-Rama, FNG to the middle of the COT,  Jesse Franklin, work at the Farmers market, Peaches? naw, he liked that one!, likes to play B-ball, hey wait, he’s smaller than me! AirBall, oh yeah! Welcome Brother Airball!

DEVO: Today is the last day our Brother Breakfast club will be joining us due to other obligations, so the workout was structured to spell out a blessing from the Brothers of F3 to him and his family for a safe  and successful journey but most importantly, for a safe return to us when he completes his task.  We look forward to the day when you join us again Brother BC!  GODSPEED Brother!

Prayer requests: NH’s Cousin, RC”S friend and brother, Brownies’ friends, Breakfast Club and his family.

Announcements: Cheech 10K signups are out, be sure to sign up.  Christmas party is coming up quickly.