• When: 2018-04-03
  • QIC: Stinkbait
  • The PAX: Steamer, Debo, Giggity, Postal, Can't Get Right, Rebound

Gauntlet Prep – ExPuLsIoN

Gauntlet 2018 is coming!!!

7 PAX took to the ole school yard for a practice run of ExPuLsIoN!!!

Weather: Upper 50’s

Disclaimer and Prayer

The Thang:

  • Mosey to the start at the base of the “principle”
  • Bear crawl up to the first landing, 10 x LBCs
  • Bear crawl up to the second landing, 10 x LBCs
  • Bear crawl up to the top landing, 10 x LBCs
  • Mosey to the other side of the stairs and bear crawl down the hill
  • Mosey to the base of the road that backs up to the neighborhood
  • Back Pedal to the first utility pole, 10 x Decline Merkins
  • Back Pedal to the second utility pole, 10 x Decline Merkins
  • Back Pedal to the third utility pole, 10 x Decline Merkins
  • Mosey (continuing up the road) to the ramp and bear crawl across it
  • Mosey (continuing up the road) to the front of the kindergarten playground, 10 x Broad Jump Burpees
  • Mosey to the benches in the front of the school, 10 x Dips
  • Mosey to the start, rinse and repeat adding one rep to every exercise per lap (except for broad jump burpees, they remain 10 each lap)




  • Dad’s Camp registration is open, be sure you are registering for the correct location. I believe F3LEX goes to Camp Thunderbird in Charlotte.
  • THE GAUNTLET – 4/16 through 4/20 and 4/23 – 4/27 – various AOs of F3Lex – Chedda for ?s
  • April 28th – Lexington Brew Ruck – downtown Lexington – Bar Crawl or Moist for ?s
  • May 5th – F3 3rd F 5K – Timmerman Trail – Mac for ?s
  •  2018 BRR teams are forming – Clipboard for ?s

Prayer Requests:

  • Adluh’s new 2.0
  • Postal’s family member

Closing Prayer



I was told the AOQ had this handled, but he was MIA. On the fly YHC threw out that we need to make sure our phones are not a distraction from our families. I have found myself guilty of checking emails, facebook, twitter, etc at the table. There is a time and a place for everything. When we are spending time with our wives and kids our phones need to be put away. Be in the present!