• When: 2019-01-25
  • The PAX: Ranger-R, Bouche, Nub, Ken Doll, Nightmare, Forrest, Toe Ring, Wing Back, Strut, Dr. Quinn, Whino, Peachy, Scotch, Hawk, Brick, Goose, Bulldog


The new Friday morning norm for many F3LexSC PAX is Urban Legend…a bootcamp option on Friday mornings at 5:15 (starting point is the 9/11 memorial in downtown Lexington).  Why?  Because who really wants to run three days a week!  Better answer is:  just another fantastic option for F3LexSC PAX if they want 3-4 bootcamps per week and the entire downtown area of Lexington can be your exercise canvas.  YHC & Toe Ring got the lay of the land last Friday and decided to use the IceHouse Amphitheater and the parking garage for this morning’s Q.  Here’s what went down:

Conditions:  34 degrees and no rain.

Disclaimer and Prayer

The Thang:

SSHs x 15 IC

TTT x 15 IC

We split into groups of 4….then grabbed Strut for one group of 5.  Moseyed to the parking garage.

In your teams, first two PAX run up the parking garage ramp and around the parking garage and back to their other Team PAX who are AMRAP’n an exercise.

Our exercises were Hand Release Merkins for the first run around the parking garage and then Burpees for the second run around the parking garage.

Then, we group moseyed to the Amphitheater.  7 Logs were placed at the top of the Amphitheater and each team was responsible for navigating the following course:

1/2 team members stay at bottom of amphitheater completing 10 x Iron Crosses & 10 x BBSUx while the other half runs to the top, grabs a log and partner log press x 20, then back down stairs to send the rest of their team up to their log while they complete Iron Crosses and BBSUs.  Once your other half of your team returns from the log press, you move on to the next log.  Once each team completed log presses with all 7 logs (different size and weight to each log), we wrapped up our Amphitheater portion of our journey and headed back to the parking garage.

Group mosey to the parking garage where 1/2 your team ran up the parking garage ramp and down the opposite parking garage ramp and back to their team members who were AMRAP’n the following exercises:  Monkey Humpers, Alternate Lunges, Slo-Mo Squats, and Flutter Kicks.

Solid work completed by all today.  Mosey back to 9/11 memorial for BOM.


Need Qs in March for Urban Legend

Convergence 5-year Anniversary of F3LexSC at Graveyard

Gathering this Sunday afternoon at Saluda River Club for the Wells Family

Prayer Requests:

Juice’s Father-n-law

Bulldog’s friend Michelle having a double mastectomy today.