• When: 2019-01-25
  • QIC: Polo
  • The PAX: Polo, QuickBooks, Rate Hike, Lug Nut, Paperboy, DB, Subby, Fannie, Exit 1, Bundy, Cornstache, Costanza, Huffy, Welcome Week, Traitor

Gradual increase in height but not a hill

15 pax went for a 3.9 mile route today with one hill and one gradual increase in height  but not a hill.  Then on the route, Subby informed me that Heyward has another hill with Pickens having a second “gradual increase in height, but not a hill.”

So two hills and two gradual increases in height.  Sorry- when you run from the valley, must climb a little.

Conditions- 30 degrees colder than day before.

The Thang: From Starbucks- Green to Lee to Woodraw to Cypress to Maple to Heyward (with YHC telling lead pax to turn right four streets early) to Pickens to Blossom to Saluda back to Starbucks.

Moleskin- Please be careful on Blossom.  Trucks in right lane are still very close to you, going at high speeds (even when you are on the sidewalk, it is scary).  Keep wearing vests/lights.