• When: 2022-01-13
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Stalker, Cupcake, Argyle, Wild Hog (R), Cramps, Half Empty (R?), Frizzle, Kenwood (R).

Fun with the sandbags

8 post to get better today.  3 ran, 5 did bootcamp.  YHC brought Saturday’s routine and sandbags to mix things up.  Here’s how things went down…

  • 1 minute warning, no FNGs, disclaimer, prayer

The warmup was a running warmup with some exercises along the way…

  • butt kicks
  • lunges
  • high knees

We stopped at the band field where YHC had 3 sandbags waiting.  The weights were 40#, 60#, 80#.  For the rest of the workout we did some exercises, then got the sandbags across the field and back using various methods.  Each PAX took turns getting the sandbag across, handed off to their another PAX, came back across, did exercises, and rinse-n-repeat.  After PAX did a sandbag weight, they moved to the next sandbag (40# moved to 60#, moved to 80#, moved to 40#).  The idea is that everyone got to every sandbag.  The PAX without the sandbag mosied alongside.

  • First carry method
    • Exercises (there were 3 rounds total) = 10x Diamond Merkins, 20x Lunges, 30x LBCs
    • Carry method = carry the sandbag on your back for 100 yards
  • Second carry method
    • Exercises (there were 3 rounds total) = 10x Donkey Kicks, 20x AirSquats, 30x Monkey Humpers
    • Carry method = carry the sandbag on your front for 100 yards
  • Third carry method
    • Exercises (there were 3 rounds total) = 10x BBSUs, 20x Invisible Jump Ropes, 30x Calf Raises
    • Carry method = with a rope attached, backward drag for 100 yards
  • Final carry method
    • Exercises (there was 1 round total) = 10x Burpees, 20x Merkins, 30x Mountain Climbers
    • Carry method = with a rope attached, team sandbag drag the 60# (team of 2) and 80# (team of 3) for 100 yards

So that was a wrap.  We grabbed the goodies and got thing back in my Jeep (thanks for that!).

  • Announcements:
    • January – Soles for Souls shoe collection
    • January 20 – Thirsty Thursday at new place where Casual Pint was (14 mile? something)
    • January 29th – FiA is hosting the 5k Be the Buffalo
    • February – D2D
  • Prayers:
    • Cupcake – parents got home safe
    • Covid – people affected, schools, hospitals, etc.
    • 2 FiA ladies going through chemo
  • Moleskin
    • Good to see Argyle out there

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