• When: 2018-12-20
  • QIC: Scotch
  • The PAX: Ranger, Juice, Muggytape, JJ, Argyle, Cowbell, Shine, Drisocket, Moist, Knozit, Irrev, Magellen, Paperjam, Hash and Rice, Lego, Cheers, Gravedigger, Coon Dog, Mercy Rule, Fuzzy Navel, Doo Dah, Ken Doll, Meter, Honey Boo Boo, Penny Worth, Navy Bean, Genie, Sun Drop, Liability, Dr Lovin, Soaker, Heisenburg, Meatball, Wild Hog, Drago, Puck, Dunphy, Chuck Wagon, Boucher, Turtle Head, Brita, Squatter, Short Haul, Dos Equis, Hoist, Long Haul, MacGruber, Floppy Disk, Half Empty, Slum Lord, Iron Mary, Brick, Dozer


YHC was honored and humbled to lead the men of CAT, Hollow, Ambush, and Shawshank this morning.  54 men came together to mourn the loss of Digits and to show our love and respect for our FIA sisters.  On Tuesday morning, the CAT pax were being lead by Kenwood who had drawn up a nasty workout.  Due to the tragic events that occurred on that morning the workout was left incomplete.  The pax of CAT wanted to finish the workout so YHC reached out to Kenwood and got a copy of the #weinke.  Due to time constraints and a large number of #HIMS, the workout has yet to be completed.  This morning was not about us.  It was about Digits.  We showed up in numbers because we love our FIA sisters.  We showed up because we love our brother Stella.  And we showed up because that is what we do.  #TCLAPS to Iron Maiden for an excellent job leading this morning.

Prayer was with FIA and F3 as a group


Weather 46 degrees, steady drizzle

Mosey to the track field and circle up

Mumblechatter was strong of course with 54 hooligans.

Windmill x15 IC

TTT x15 IC

20 Burpees OYO (poor attempt to try and silence Argyle)

Split into 2 groups for 10 bottles of beer

Group 1 – line up in plank position.  Starting pax takes a brick and does 1 merkin with left hand on brick.  Slide brick to right hand and complete another merkin.  Slide brick to pax to your right.  Grab another brick and complete the left and right merkin and slide the brick to the pax to your right.  Round 1 consisted of 10 bricks (bottles of beer)

Group 2 – line up on 50 (ish) yard line.  Burpee broad jumps to goal line and back.


Group 1 – 9 bottles of beer.

Group 2 – Lunge and squat to the goal line and back.


RECOVER, time was up.

Mosey back to the shovel flags.


Nativity Ruck on 12/24 at 5:00 am

New Years Convergence at Graveyard, 7:00

Dam to dam relay 2/16, sign up quick

P200 3/23-3/24


Today we prayed for Digits, Stella, and their children.

#TCLAPs to Irrev for stepping up to close us out in prayer and for preparing a devotional for after the prayer.

#TCLAPs to Ranger and the men of F3 for stepping up today and being there for the Wells family and for FIA of Lexington.

#TCLAPS to FIA for their unwavering love and support for each other.

#TCLAPS to the F3 men that did not post today, in order to let their M’s be there for their fallen sister.