• When: 2020-02-11
  • QIC: Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Honey Bun(R), Deadstick (RR), Finch,Emmy, Fergie (RR),Harp(R),Katniss (R)

Fill in the plank

Conditions warm 

No FNGs 




Some pax wore yellow in support/remembering Ellie Pruitt as requested by F3 Cherokee. 

Circle up 

SSH 4ct 15 IC

TTT fully erect 10 IC

LBACs 10/10 F/R

Imp walkers 10 4ct IC 

Michael Phelps 10 4ct IC 

Mosey down BBS to block pile 

Workout consists of 

30 second plank varieties followed 30 secs of called exercise then 15 seconds rest. And some 30/30 sec exercises every 3 groups of planks to work cardio or move those shouders. Goal is good form on planks no dipping hips or arching back but good tight form. Exercise with good form and intensity for 30 seconds not high reps with poor form. 

Here it is

Plank 30 sec
Exercise 30 sec
Rest 15
Plank high
Mtn climbers

Low plank
Chilly jacks

Reverse plank

● SSHs/jump ropes 30sec each no rest 

High plank
Plank jacks

Low plank

High plank
Alt leg arm extension

● high knees/ butt kicks 3 sec each, no rest 

Reverse plank
Flutter Kicks

Low plank

High plank hands together
Diamond Merkins

● BBAC F/R. 30/30 seconds. No rest 

High plank
Ski abs

Side plank R hand up
Nolan ryan R hand

Side plank L hand up
Nolan Ryan L hand

● OH claps/seal claps 30 sec each.  No rest 

Reverse plank
Rev plank jacks

Low Side plank R
R Hip to ground

Low side plank L
L hip to ground


Inclined plank on block
Knees to chest or straddle block 

Declined plank feet on block

Staggered plank block on R
Staggered merkins

● Imp walkers/step ups(or Balboas)

Staggered plank block on L
Staggered merkins

R Side plank feet on block
Arnold fondas

L side plank feet on block
Arnold Fondas

● burpees /8ct manmakers w block 30 sec.      each 

Wide feet/hands plank
Wide grip merkins


Return blocks, up BBS and to flag 

Count o rama and name o rama 


Dam2dam  feb 15th

Lexington race against hunger 


Finchs Grandfather 

Emmy issues at work, Ms job 

6 yr old missing in Cayce area 

9 yr old Ellie Pruitt passed away complications from Lupus. F3 Cherokee request. 


Inwardly Certain

And if we know that he hears us — whatever we ask — we know that we have what we asked of him.”  I John 5:15

You will run into battle more aggressively if you know you cannot lose! Then and only then do the arenas of battle, the issues, or the opposition become inconsequential. David’s personal closeness to God drove his confidence in God. How certain, inwardly, was David? Watch the scrawny shepherd from Israel address the giant from Gath.  Do you detect any doubt?

David said to the Philistine, “You come against me with sword and spear javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord almighty, the God of the army of Israel.” Where did that come from? Answer: Confidence springing from relationship, faith in the promises openly spoken by God. For the record: As David faithfully predicted, the world did know just a few minutes later that all that David said came true.

Another example of such confidence came in the New Testament man, Peter. With his new guarantee of the Holy Spirit deep within him, he stared down the Goliaths who had crucified Jesus.  What do we see? The fearless, faithful, fantastic confidence of the Spirit! God’s Man is free to suffer or die because of the real indwelling guarantee of the Holy Spirit.

What are the battles you are facing, what issues, what circumstances that seem overwhelming to you? The Holy Spirit will call you to face your fear and guarantee your courage. Ask him to fill you and see what happens, are you inwardly certain?

Father, thank you for your promise, that if I ask anything according to your will you will hear me and grant my request.  Thank you Jesus.

Thanks to Everyman Miniseries. 

Your brother, 



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