• When: 2018-06-02
  • QIC: Ponzi
  • The PAX: Rocking Chair (R), Milli Vanilli, Breakfast Club, Kid Sister, Ponzi

Field of Dreams

YHC and 4 Pax assembled on a beautiful morning to get in a little work. We salute Shawshank,s 4 year anniversary, but our show must go on.

Weather: 69 and only about 89% humidity. There was a breeze. Once.


The thang:

Mosey down the hill, up the hill and to Reaper hill. Run backwards to first light pole, do 10 burpees. Lunge to mid point of Reaper hill and do 20 burpees. Run backwards to next light and do 30 burpees. Lung to the stop sign.

Mosey through Spooky Trail to the upper field.

Block work begins:

10 overhead press, 10 curls for the girls, 10 block swings, 20 merkins with a block drag.

Bear crawl to the center of the field with your block.

15 overhead press, 15 curls for the girls, 15 block swings, 20 merkin block drags

Bear crawl to the end of the field with your block.

20 overhead press, 20 curls for the girls, 20 block swings, 20 merkin block drags

Return the blocks and mosey back through the Spooky trail and back to home base.

Circle up for mary: 50 flutter kicks IC, Boat/Canoe, 25 LBCs OYO, 5 burpees.

As always the pax worked it hard. Good work men.

Announcements: July 7th – Sandbag Mile at Cryptonite. Check @f3cryptonite twitter feed or contact @f3_Ponzi for info. Price increase after June 3rd.

July 14th – Carolina Reaper – Discounted room rates at Hilton Greenville now available

Prayer requests: Injured/recovering pax – JJ, Buzzsaw, Chedda

Remember the F3 widows, and especially lift up Cheech’s family. Give them comfort and peace. Milli Vanilli and his family while they travel. Get them home safely. All the unspoken prayers and pax hurting mentally and physically.