• When: 2018-05-14
  • QIC: Iron Mary
  • The PAX: Cheers, Hash and Rice, Lego, DooDah, Blades, Mulligan, Muggy Tape, Iron Mary

Fartlek Ladder at The Bounty

YHC had the Q at The Bounty this morning and wanted to do a little something different.  Instead of running intervals followed by rest, I thought it would be fun to see if we could string some intervals together with slow jogging between.  It wasn’t easy, but when is speedwork ever easy?  Pretty sure we all got better though!  Work was done!  Here’s how it went down.

Weather:  Summer is coming fast.  68 and a little muggy.



Mosey to track

Today we would attempt to run continuously for 45 minutes.  No resting if you can help it.

1st Interval:  Sprint 100m then continue for 400M

2nd Interval:  Continue into a 200M sprint then slow it down for 400M

3rd Interval:  Continue into a 300M run then slow it down for 400M

4th Interval:  Continue into a 400M run then slow it down for 400M

Work your way back down the ladder and then back up again.

I think most PAX were able to go up, down, and back up the Fartlek ladder.

We covered approximately 5-miles in this workout, which is most likely a Bounty record.

Mosey back to the virtual shovel flag (Ranger is delivering shovel and flag to Treadmill on Thursday for him to up-fit for us).




Prayer Requests


Great job today, men!  It was great to see Blades back out there with us this morning.  Also great to have Hash and Rice.  Keep it up fellas!  Looking forward to DooDah leading us next week.