• When: 07/03/15
  • QIC: Pepto
  • The PAX: Mac, Hoser, Candy Stripe, Pew, and Pepto

Elvis Sails a Pirate ship, Mac gets Lapped, and Man was it humid

Another day ‘n another chance to better ourselves. thar was much twittArrr chatter abound yesterday wit’ who would Q or not. Mac fightin’ on th’ disabled list has thrown us all a curve cannon ball. A certain male nurse threatened butler, ‘n a tasty yellow treat offered up to a Presbyterian a choice ’bout an out ‘n back. At th’ end ‘o it, YHC threw below th’ gauntlet ‘n promised a route that would not just rival, but conquer Butler. YHC hoped it would deliver. 2 Pax showed early fer some XL, ‘n thankfully it was a flat route, at least as flat as th’ great Town ‘o Lexin’ton can deliver.

Conditions: 71F ‘n 85% humidity. It was thick out thar.

Openin’ Prayer

Route Discussion ‘o what was lovin’ly described as th’ scurvy pirate Ship. ye be knowin’ that ride at Carowinds ‘n th’ Fair that goes up ‘n below over ‘n over again, ’til ye feel like ye be goin’ to spill Merlot all over th’ anxiously awaitin’ families.

Head out ‘o th’ courthouse ‘n take a right onto South Lake Drive. Turn left onto Fort Street ‘n run to th’ top ‘o th’ hill to East Main Street. Loop back ‘n run back to th’ top ‘o South Lake Drive across from th’ Shovel Flag. Keep goin’ up & below ’til the hour has expired. YHC had to check out th’ facilites at Virgina Hilton Park, ‘n thought ‘o Floppy Disk. YHC also learned that albiet nice to sit in th’ air conditioned facilites, th’ sweat really starts to pour which complicates usin’ cheap, mass purchased toilet paper. At one point, YHC felt like a mummy. Luckily, th’ wrappin’ paper was still white & fresh.

Strong set the sails by all. It was a day in history when Pew lapped Mac. (We won’t be tellin’ anybody that Mac was on crutches, okay Pew?) Bein’ a physician, Mac did worry YHC when Mac was spotted hoppin’ around his truck on one foot, doin’ laps between core set the sails outs.


Announcements:Convergence at Turnin’ Point to’morrow

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