• When: 2018-01-11
  • QIC: Kukoc
  • The PAX: 6’ Under, Finch, Prom night, Tri Delta, Sauerkraut, Woodchipper, Icarus, Dance Mom, Step Up, Emmy, Pre Fab, Honeybun(Respect), Farmer

Do You Have the Stamina?

50ish, Perfect for a Beatdown, a lot warmer than a week ago



“Heartrate Starter” – 10 Manmakers OYO

Mosey to the blocks and then out to the field

The Thang!
It’s been awhile since YHC has led a workout and I missed the Tuesday BC so I knew I wanted to make sure the pax got their money’s worth.

 Count off 1,2,1,2…

All 1’s lined up on the far sideline facing the stadium stairs and 2’s went down further facing the second set of stairs.  YHC brought back a portion of a workout I felt delivered the whole body beatdown.

Exercises: All done in sets of 20 with block, R&R x2


Lunge across field


Sprint stairs



Sprint back to the starting point and repeat

Mosey to the endzone when complete


The pax were wondering why no “warmup” and were missing the opportunity to circle up so YHC delivered.  In an effort to make sure all were ready for the second half we did more block work before returning them to their lovely abode.

Overhead Press x 20 OYO

CFG’s x 20 OYO

Bent over Rows x 20 OYO

R&R x 2

“The Stamina/Heartrate Builder” – YHC had received recent incite from the abundant fitness ads that now flood his Twitter and Facebook account and wanted to test its claims.

15 minutes of R&R OYO

20 Squats, 20 Mt. Climbers, 10 Merkins and 10 Burpees

Modified to 10 minutes because of time and it had already lived up to its claims.

“Core Crusher” Finally

Low Plank for 45 seconds

Move to High Plank for Shoulder Taps x20 IC

Freddie Mercury x 20 IC

American Hammers x 20 IC

Flutter Kicks x 40 IC


Mosey back to the Flag



  • GrowRuck – Jan 26-28
  • Columbia Light – Feb 3
  • Dam to Dam Relay – End of February
  • P200 – March 23-24


    Dance Mom’s best friend’s dad died and his neice’s father died as well
  • HB’s nephew and family have a newborn
  • Tinkle’s family and newborn
  • Peanut’s recovery