• When: 5/15/15
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Candy Stripe, Pepto, Heisenberg, Yellow Cake, Floppy Disk, Mac

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Gloom

A 6-pack of Pax

Rose from the fartsacks

And gathered in the Gloom of Stride.

With a quick prayer

Mac did declare

The route which will be tried.


Knowing they will

Find a big hill

In the route that was devised

But what to do

When you find two

And your legs are in for a surprise.


On the way down

Nary a frown

As we kept a breakneck pace

But going back up

Was gonna be tough

With a distortion on every face


One Pax split

To take a <ELVIS>

And found the local IHOP

No one is named

To save the shame

But his disk may have of had a flop.


On the way back

The Floppy-less Pax

Ran without a sound

Back at the flag

Cat out of the bag

Elvis needed to be found


Upon his return

His ears did burn

The jokes had already begun

It’s not a sin

He said with a grin

But y’all missed all the fun


A bird tried to flee

His trip to KFC

Prior to his demise

Hit with a splat

And rendered flat

Was the decision really unwise




This is almost complete

All we need now

Some ice and a towel

Time to soak my feet.

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