• When: 2019-03-15
  • QIC: Dirty Bird
  • The PAX: Pacs-Ken Doll, Goose, Wingback, Hawk, Muggy Tape, Argyle, Rock Drop (Respect), Buzz Saw (Respect), Forrest, Dirty Bird (Respect)

Dirty Bird Brings Bonescatter to Urban Legend

Location: Lexington Municipal Building

Weather: 50 degrees, Humidity 65%

Recap: Welcome to the boneyard  workout.  10  Pax completed 8 exercises with a Block carrying for 70 yards in between each bucket.

Prayer requests- Blindside and daughter Maggie, Safe Travels to all, Utah with injury, Passing of Homer Fesperman, Boneyard Pacs with injuries.


Disclaimer: No professionals here, so modify if you have to, do not injure yourself.


Pledge of Allegiance

Begin Workout:

Today’s workout will feature a warm-up, bone scatter challenge, and wrap up.

Ssh X15


LbacX 60


The Thang

Start at end line

50 merkins

Carry 2 blocks for 70 yards

50 bbsu

Carry one block for 70 yards above head

50 LBCs

50 overhead presses

50 tricep extensions

Carry one block for 75 yards above head

50 Squats with block

50 Flutter Kicks (2-count)

Carry 2 block back for 70 yards

50 curls

Rinse and repeat by adding subtracting five from each rep.