• When: 2018-02-08
  • QIC: Voltron
  • The PAX: Strut, Waze, Chandler, Eve


Weather: 51 degrees, damp, muddy

It’s time for the start of the winter Olympics, so today the Crypt pax used their imagination and some coupons to kick off the Crypt-Olympics!

The Thang:

Intro, Disclaimer, Prayer and Lord’s Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance

Mosey towards the corner of the parking lot and stop there for COP.

The workout went something like this:


Chandler showed up.

Merkins X 9 IC

LBAC X 9, Forward and 9 Reverse, IC with overhead claps in the middle X 18 IC

Imperial Walkers X 18 IC.

Merkins X 9 IC

Through the Tunnel X 18 IC

Mosey up the hill to the block pile, grab a block and line up on the side of the muddy field.

The following events were repeated frequently in random fashion as time allowed:

First Olympic event is curling, aka Curls for the Girls X 18 IC.

Next Event – Bobsled – aka sprint across the field, hop in your “bobsled” and do 18 BBSU. Repeat each time YHC yells “Bobsled!” The first few times were cold and wet until we found the drier grass!

Up next the Luge – aka The Lunge – lunge back across the field.

Rinse & Repeat Curling X 18 IC

“Speed” skating – grab your block. Take one step forward to the left. Squat with your block. Take one step forward to the right. Squat. Rinse and repeat all the way across the field.


Next up the Skeleton, aka Plank for 1 minute or so. Did you know that the world record for planking is over 5 hours?

Next up Downhill skiing – aka People’s Chair – periodically leaning to the left and then to the right as if downhill skiing.


Curling X 18 IC

Shoulder press X 18 IC

Speed skating or running backwards across the field.

Put up your coupons and Mosey back to shovel flag.

Russian BBSU – complete one BBSU, then one 4-count Russian twist, then 2 BBSU, 2 Russian twists, etc. all the way up to 7 of each.

Flutter kicks X 38 IC for Cheech as YHC always does.


Prayer Requests

YHC’s friend Ben undergoing chemotherapy

Baconator’s M

Those sick with the flu

Unspoken requests


 – Feb 24 Dam-To-Dam Relay

– March 3 F3 Lexington Four Year Anniversary Convergence 6:30 AM at River Bluff football stadium

– March 23 & 24 P200

Devo – Jeremiah 29:11

“ ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ “

Gratitude Continued – this year I am continue to focus on gratitude for the blessings I have. It’s still a struggle sometimes to be grateful. It helps to remember that God has a plan for each of us, especially when we are going through difficult times. God can use what we perceive as difficulties to develop us and make us stronger.