• When: 2017-12-05
  • QIC: Coon Dawg
  • The PAX: Elmers, Bing, Milk & Cookies, Taurasi (R), Cheers, Buzz Saw (R), Cowbell, Coon Dog

Coon Dawg’s Light Pole Ladder Chatter

Weather Conditions: 46°

YHC apologizes for kicking things off a full minute late this morning, but I saw the retired AOQ pushing his car to a full whisper in an attempt to make the call. As such, the beat down gained a minute on the backend to make sure everyone got their money’s worth. Here’s how it went.

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey snake style through the parking lot and around the front sidewalk. Circle up under the lights at the top field.

COP – All x20 IC
▪ Windmills
▪ Imperial Walkers
▪ Mountain Climbers
▪ Squats

Mosey to the Block Pile and grab a Block

Mosey around the big field and line up at the baseline

Light Pole Suicide/Ladder
▪ Begin at the Baseline
▪ Run to the 1st pair of big light poles and do x1 Merkins
▪ Back to the baseline and alternate x20 Shoulder Press (Odd Poles) and x20 Curls (Even Poles)
▪ Repeat running to the 2nd pair of big light poles and do x2 Merkins and so on
▪ Each time you pass a pair of big light poles, do that number of Merkins
▪ Once you reach the sidewalk (Between Poles 3 & 4) do x5 Squats each time you cross
▪ Total Merkins x91
o Pole 1 – x1​Set total x1​Exercise total x1
o Pole 2 – x2​Set total x4​Exercise total x5
o Pole 3 – x3​Set total x9​Exercise total x14
o Pole 4 – x4​Set total x16​Exercise total x30
o Pole 5 – x5​Set total x25​Exercise total x55
o Pole 6 – x6​Set total x36​Exercise total x91
▪ Total Squats x30
▪ Total Shoulder Press x60
▪ Total Curls x60

Replace the Blocks


▪ 12/07: Last day to give donation for adopted Christmas Family Collection
▪ 12/08: Christmas Family shopping at Wal-Mart, meeting at 5:30pm in Lexington
▪ 12/15: F3 Christmas Party @ 6:30pm, Apps and/or Desserts are welcome, BYOB
▪ 01/06: Harbison 50K
▪ 01/27: Grow Ruck

Prayer Request & Praises
▪ Breaker Breaker – Stent put in, recovering
▪ Friend of Milk & Cookies – Robert had hip replacement, recovering


*Written by Coon Dawg and posted on his behalf