• When: 2019-01-17
  • QIC: Chum Lee
  • The PAX: Hops, Big Daddy Grout, Superman Cajun, Rah Rah, Hot Stick, Dirt Dauber (DD), Chum Lee

Cones and Blocks and Such

So I worked out with the boys in Summerville at “The Ditch” last summer and had a blast.  Redo was the AOQ and put on quite a show, so why not let the Tomahawk boys have fun with it?  I must admit I was a little worried this Q would not meet the high standards of the Pax, so I was prepared for a truckload of mumblechatter.  I did promise to remove the warm-up and doing so put the Pax at ease. Here’s what went down:

Conditions:  34 with a hint of fog in the air



The Thang:

THE BURPEE CHALLENGE: Start the clock with one minute and 7 burpees. After the first minute is over, start the second minute and add two burpees (9). Rinse and repeat. As pax drop, partners are formed. We all made it to 15 and decided to move on to block work.

YHC placed 4 cones on the black-top for some suicides with a little fun to be had at each cone.  We even had a hill to climb to reach the first cone:

Round 1: first cone-10 Kettlebell swings second cone-10 merkins third cone-10 bobby hurleys fourth cone-10 4 ct flutter kicks rest with plank hold while each PAX counted to 10 (70 second hold)

Round 2: first cone-20 block press second cone-20 bbsu third cone- 20 alternating lunges fourth cone-20 4 ct flutter kicks rest with Al Gore hold (70 second hold)

Round 3: first cone-30 curls for the girls second cone-30 merkins third cone-30 squats fourth cone-30 4 ct flutter kicks.

YHC setup field for Starfish: five cones, four in a square about 25 feet apart and one cone in the middle. YHC explained Starfish: 1 merkin on the middle cone, next cone=2, back to middle cone for 3 merkins, next cone=4, back to middle for 5 merkins, rinse and repeat until all cones have been visited. We had time for a second round for squats.

Mosey to Flag



Announcements:  Glad Cajun is back! Run group meets at bus loop at 5:15 tomorrow morning (Pass Ball may not be there, so please post numbers if you go), Chum Lee will order shirts this weekend, Juice needs volunteers for the Dam to Dam Relay, we will gather emergency information from Pax next week, How about an attendance challenge?

Prayer Requests:  Cajun, Wayne Blair