• When: 2019-12-19
  • QIC: Pocahontas
  • The PAX: Buttermaker (R), PickAxe, Treadmill, Quisenberry, Wapner, Dance Off, Boo (R), Sunday Driver, Canseco, Booster, Swanson, Little Giants, Tater, Arrears

Cone Stations, Bear Crawls and Dumbbells

Temp: 28 and Crisp, but rather clear and wind free


Prayer. Disclaimer. “Mosey” to back parking lot.(Brisk walk)- not cleared to run due to ACL tear

The Warm Up:
1. Through the Tunnel x 10 IC
2. Little Baby Arm Circles x 10 each way IC
3. Overhead Clap x 10 IC
4. Raise the Roof x 10 IC
5. Imperial Walker x 17 IC

The goods:
Pax counted off 1-4 to create four different groups, each heading to a different workout station divided up through out the parking lot.

Each of the four stations had 3 different sets of extras to complete through out the workout. Each group completed the first set at their station then moved counter clock wise to the next station, completing each SET 1 exercise at all four stations before returning to their original station and planking for the six.

Station 1:
Set 1: 20 Incline Merkins
Set 2: 20 Decline Merkins
Set 3: 20 Dips

Station 2:
Set 1: 20 Squats
Set 2: 20 Flutter-kicks
Set 3: 15 Merkins

Station 3:(15 pound dumbbells/ kettle bells were used)
Set 1: 20 Curls
Set 2: 20 Tricep Extensions
Set 3: 20 Chest Press

Station 4:
Set 1: 20 Step Ups (Each Foot)
Set 2: 20 Plank Hand Step ups (still don’t know what they’re called)
Set 3: 20 LBCs

Moving from cone to cone for the first set, PAX bear crawled
Moving from cone to cone for set two, PAX had to do high knees
Moving from cone to cone for set three, PAX had to do lunges

After all stations and sets were completed, PAX line up on a parking line at the end of the Parking lot.

Starting at the first line, the PAX had to complete 10 Squats, 5 Merkins and 5 LBCs before moving on to the next line. As they moved to the each new line, they increased the reps by 1 each. Most PAX completed about 5-6 rep increases before the Q called recover and all “Moseyed” back to the front parking lot.

All Pax circled up and planked around the final cone. Once all Pax were planking, two 15 pound dumbbells were passed from PAX to PAX (Starting at different ends of the circle). Each PAX needed to move the weight using one hand then the other. This last for several minutes, which most PAX will tell you was several minutes to long.

Everyone recovered back to the Shovel Flag.

Nativity Ruck: 12/24 in Lexington at 5am (Collecting socks, blankets, 4 plus diapers)
New Years Convergence: Lexington High School, 7amish?
January 7th: 2nd F dinner
January 10th- TP taking over Urban Legend
Meadow Glen Middle School basketball game tonight, 645pm. Proceeds go to Camp Kemo

Prayer Requests:
Arrears Mother/Family… Praying the surgery went well today.
Lindey’s coworker and student
Jack Babcock

I just want to thank all of you guys at TP for the constant support during one of the toughest physical and mental obstacles I’ve had to face over the last two months. Without you guys, my motivation and drive would not be where it is, nor would I constantly remind myself that everything happens for a reason and this is something I am going to come back stronger from.

Thank you, brothers.