• When: 2019-09-21
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Quisenberry, Wapner, Boo, Pickaxe, Hatchet, Hammer, Buttermaker, Tater, Swanson, Kyrie, Candy Stripe, Chedda, Booster

Community Q at Turning Point

13 PAX post Turning Point for a little Booster, Tater, and Quisenberry community Q on a crisp Saturday morning. Good to have Chedda in town for work and in the gloom with us.

Condition- about 60 and perfect


Disclaimer, prayer, another disclaimer for the 8 PAX who pulled up at 6:01am.

COP- SSH, through the tunnel, imperial walkers, merkins

Mosey to upper b-ball court. Bear crawls in cadence for our man Chedda who posted with us across court. Broad jump back to half court, reverse lunge to baseline. Lunge across court, broad jump burpees back to baseline and pass off Q duties to Tater.

Mosey to brick pile and grab some bricks. Curls for the girls, Tricep extensions, shoulder press all IC. Gas pumps and inverted rows. Pass off Q duties to Quisenberry.

Napalms with bricks IC. Take bricks back to pile. Mosey to field.

A couple variations of football for 25 minutes with merkins, burpees, and up/downs mixed in. Kyrie is sneaky good btw.

Good times had by all.

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama


Prayer requests- Boo’s M, Corbett