• When: 2019-09-19
  • QIC: Hope Solo
  • The PAX: The PAX: Whaler (Respect), Skipper (Respect), Dufresne (Respect), Big Load, Sully, Schrute, Mayplant (Mad Respect), Weed, Bolt (Respect), Kiffin, Gameplan, Abby Wambach (Respect), Neon (Respect), Skidder, Mayhem (Respect), Crackhead (Respect), Tweetsie, Sacagawea (Respect), Pothole, Cornwalls, Stats (Respect), Hope Solo.

I am sleep deprived and I cannot punish my kids. So I am punishing the PAX

Disclaimer. Not a professional. Modify as necessary. Also, my two kids apparently hate me because I cannot get any sleep. I’ve been up since 2am. I don’t say this because I want any sympathy as most everyone out here has gone through this, I say it because I need to get out some aggression and unfortunately for the PAX, it is on you guys.


  1. Mosey to Corner of Rectory/Lyttleton:
    1. 25 Merkins X IC
  2. Mosey to Corner of Rectory/Chesnut:
    1. 25 Mountain Climbers X IC
    2. 10 Lunges each Leg; Then Mosey.
  3. Mosey to Chesnut/Fair:
    1. 25 Copperhead Squats X IC
  4. Mosey to Chesnut/Rectory.

The Thang: Grab some blocks and circle up in the park. To what was heralded as a fantastic musical play list (Classic Power Workout on Pandora), the following ensued (all with blocks):

  1. Round One:
    1. 5 Man Makers
    2. 10 Kettlebell Swings
    3. 15 Overhead Presses
    4. 20 Curls
    5. 10 Man Makers
    6. 15 Kettle Bell Swings
    7. 20 Overhead Presses
    8. 25 Curls
    9. 15 Man Makers
    10. 20 Kettle Bell Swings
    11. 25 Overhead Presses
    12. 30 Curls
    13. 50 Chest Presses with Blocks
    14. 15 BBS with Blocks

Bear Crawl to Lightpost for Water.

  1. Round Two:
    1. 5 Clean & Press
    2. 10 Merkins
    3. 15 Slow Squat
    4. 20 Bent Over Rows
    5. 10 Clean & Press
    6. 15 Merkins
    7. 20 Slow Squat
    8. 25 Bent Over Rows
    9. 15 Clean & Press
    10. 20 Merkins
    11. 25 Slow Squat
    12. 30 Bent Over Rows
    13. 50 Chest Presses with Blocks.
    14. 25 Flutter kicks (left right =1) with Blocks

1 Lap around Rectroy Square.

We then moseyed back to the flag for COT, Counteramma, and BOM.

Announcements: Watchdogs—need to sign up to serve as a Watchdog at Camden Elementary. Get with Tyke if any questions.

Prayer Request: Prayer for Cornwallis’ family—both his mother and mother in law.

There was a lot of mumble chatter from the PAX this morning….it included some good ones… “Just give your kid some Benadryl” and my personal favorite “I’ll babysit your kids if you don’t do this again.” Thanks for the opportunity to lead and getting stronger with one another.