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Cold and Kinda Quiet

It was warmer than yesterday, but still pretty dang cold for this sore body. YHC was glad to see a couple PAX show up to Stride-Lite at 4:30am. We picked up a Paper Jam along the way, and were able to get nice and warm with just enough time to freeze all over again before we started bootcamp. Things were a bit muted this morning, mostly due to lack of Meatball, but perhaps it was also the cold temps. In either case, the men of the Hollow worked hard, and may have even sweated a little.

Conditions: Mid 30’s, sort of cloudy, light breeze

The Thang:


Mosey a lap around the parking lot

Merkins x50 OYO
SSH  x20 IC
MTC  x20 IC
TTT  x20 IC
WM x20 IC

Partner up. All PAX grab a block from the pile and mosey to grass lot just north of block pile, drop the blocks off.

With partner, Bear Haul to 2nd light pole and back. Bear Hauls consist of getting into a bear crawl position with each partner having a hand on the block. As a team, move the block as you crawl forward. Turn around at the end, to even out the abuse on the arms and shoulders.

YHC was partnerless, so did a modified bear haul w/ block.

Round 1
From the sidewalk, 1’s farmer’s carry both blocks to end of the lot by the building and come back. 2’s do burpees. Flapjack and repeat until 50 burpees completed.

Ab Crunches w/ blocks, 25 ea side
Run/Sprint to end of breezeway, and back

Round 2
From the sidewalk, 1’s carry block over head, no arm lock-out, to 3rd light and back. 2’s are doing shoulder presses. Flapjack and repeat until 200 shoulder presses complete.

Bear Hauls
Ab Crunches w/ blocks, 25 ea side
Flutter-Cross (x3 rounds)

Round 3
From the sidewalk, 1’s lunge to 3rd light and back. 2’s are doing curls and tricep extensions. Flapjack and repeat until 200 curls and 100 extensions are complete.

Ab Crunches w/ blocks, 25 ea side
Flutter-Cross (x4 rounds)

Put up blocks, back to flag

– Cheech 10k this weekend
– Christmas Party Dec 14th @ Saluda River Club
– P200 coming in March, Short Haul is looking for 2 more crazies to run a 6-man team

Prayer Requests:
– Marriages
– PAX who’ve been out with injuries, MIA due to cold weather, etc.
– Lift up those without food and shelter this time of year; pray for opportunities for us to help, and that we wouldn’t ignore those opportunities