• When: 2018-07-19
  • QIC: Hoist
  • The PAX: Bailout, Forrest, Fast Casual, Recall, Utah, Voltron, Rockdrop

Circuit Training (again) Arena Style

OK.  Am I a little lazy?  Maybe.   Have I repeated the same workout the last 4 times i have Q’d?  Yes.  However I like this workout because it forces you to failure and it forces you to continue.  I have bounced around the Lexington AO’s where everyone can get a taste.  There is one consensus among all the AO’s.  No one likes my music arrangement!

Conditions: 78 degrees and 75% humidity.

The thang:

Disclaimer and mosey to the block pile.  Everyone grabs a block and goes to the the front playground and sets down the block.  Mosey around the parking one time before the COP.

SSH IC x 15
Through the tunnel IC x 15

LBAC IC x 10 forwards and backwards


Circuit workout where you have an exercise with a certain amount of reps that need to be completed in a certain time period.  If you cannot complete the reps in the time period then you move on to the next exercise.

Exercise #1 – Block swings (25 reps in 45 seconds)

Exercise #2 – Block merkins (25 reps in 45 seconds)

Exercise #3 – Prisoner jump squats (25 reps in 45 seconds)

Exercise #4 – Curls for the Girls (25 reps in 45 seconds)

Exercise #5 – Block sumo high pulls (12 reps in 45 seconds)

If you complete exercise 5, then you rotate back to exercise 1 and start the rotation again.  Reduce the reps by 2 on the 2nd cycle.  Workout lasts for 36 minutes.

Grab your block and carry it with you back to the block pile.

Mosey back to the flag




Sweet Baby O 5k – August 4

Stomp the Swamp – August 25

See Voltron if you want to run in the BRR.  He has room available on his team.

-Recall has several friends who are battling cancer

-Utah’s friend who has a brain aneurysm

Thanks for all the Pax of Arena for their effort.  I could really tell they enjoyed the workout and even mentioned a couple times that they wanted me back!  It was good putting names and faces together.  This is why you go to other AO’s.  There are a bunch of good guys around F3Lexington.