• When: 2018-07-19
  • The PAX: The Nature Boy (R), Hopper (R), Mid-Range (R), Spackle (R), House (R), Breaker Breaker (R), Weekend Special, No Show, Toe Ring, Clipboard, Say What, Bulldog


Been trying to get the legendary Baconator to slide down from Crypt and give Graveyard an ole Beatdown…thought we had it all set for this morning….but his incredible work ethic dragged him to the Dirty Myrtle….so, call to the Bullpen Q.

Conditions:  75 degrees and a slight  breath of wind.  Humidity in full force.

Disclaimer/No FNGs

The Thang:

Mosey down to football field and line up on goal line.


SSHs x 25 IC; TTT x 25 IC; Shoulder Taps x 25 IC; IWs x 25 IC

10 100-yard sprints as a group

Mosey to stairs behind bleachers and line up on stairs

Calf raises x 7 IC, two steps up; Calf raises x 7 IC, two steps up….until we all got to the top

Then the PAX got to the fun part….blocks were placed at the top of the stadium bleacher aisles.  Partner up for the following:

BBSUs (feet in blocks) x 10 OYO, run down bleachers and back up to your block

Block curls x 10 OYO, run down bleachers and back up to your block

Block Merkins x 10 OYO, run down bleachers and back up to your block

Chest press with block x 10 OYO, run down bleachers and back up to your block

Rinse and Repeat until time called

We did this for about 20 minutes…it seemed a lot longer than that.  Hopper was thrilled with the music playlist that helped take your mind off what we were all doing….a great mix of Bad Company and Foreigner.  Spackle was upset there was no Elton John.

Put blocks up…Spackle grabbed the speaker and was trying to figure out how to get Elton John playing.  YHC endulged…..Spackle rolled the speaker back while listening to and singing Elton John’s “Daniel.”  It was a production!

We kept the song playing for Spackle while we circled up for a little Mary.

Flutter Kicks x 25 IC

LBCs x 25 IC

Call it a day.

Great to see Clipboard, Say What, and No Show out there this morning.


Graveyard/Detention convergence month of August

Stomp the Swamp

Sweet Baby-O

Reaper/Full court/Frisbee

Graveyard shirt order

Prayer Requests:

Rebar, Gump Family, Miss Kay, Price Family


Great work this morning.   House was a beast this morning.  YHC almost couldn’t hang with him.