• When: 2018-07-19
  • QIC: Holy Water and Fire Daddy
  • The PAX: Holy Water (R), Tuber, Rudy, Lunch Lady, Sparky, Grillz, See Saw, Woopee, Road Rage, Caesar, Fire Daddy, Toothpick, Dirt Bag, Vanilla, Updyke, Flipper (R), Abacus, Bud, Weis, FNG- Inchworm, FNG- Elf, FNG- Rabbi

Fire vs. Water

21 pax (including 3 FNGs) enjoyed the wet and muggy conditions that Speedtrap had to offer this morning.  It was time for the monthly Speedtrap/Roost convergence and also time to switch things up a bit.  Taken from the F3 podcast was the idea to do Q vs Q workout.  Each Q would rotate 10 minute sessions.  Holy Water represented Speedtrap and YHC represented Roost.  Here’s how it went down:

Conditions: 75 and downright muggy

Tha Thang

Welcome and Explanation by See Saw

Disclaimer and Prayer by Holy Water

Clockwise run around upper lot to large grassy area for warm up by Holy Water

IW x 15 (IC)  10 merkins OYO

TTT x 15 (IC)  10 merkins OYO

LBCs x 15 (IC) 10 merkins OYO

Flutter kicks x 15 (IC) merkins OYO

Count off by 2s.

Round 1 led by Holy Water

30 big boys, run up stairs to top of building, 30 merkins, down stairs to block pile, 30 curls, 30 overhead presses, 30 chest presses.  Pax were split into 2 groups to avoid overcrowding at block pile.  Rinse and repeat reducing reps to 20.

Round 2 led by Fire Daddy

Head to lower playground.  20 pull ups, 20 dips, run down to cheese grater, 20 squats, bear crawl 2 parking spots, 5 merkins, repeat for a total of 8 parking spots and 20 merkins.  Rinse and repeat keeping reps the same.  Pax were split to avoid overcrowding at pull up station.

Round 3 led by Holy Water

Head to lower ball field.  Starting at home plate, 20 merkins, run to right field 20 freddie mercuries, back to home for 20 merkins, center field for 20 american hammers, back home for 20 merkins, left field for 20 flutter kicks, back home for 20 merkins.  Rinse and repeat reducing to 10 reps and switching out merkins with big boys.

Round 4 led by Fire Daddy

Run back to flag along outer loop stopping at each speed bump for burpees.  1 at 1st, 2 at 2nd, and 3 at 3rd.  Head to ball field by flags and split into 2 groups.  Tunnel of love for 4 minutes.  Stay in same groups and line up for 5 reps of centipede push ups.  Run back to flag for 2 mins of front, back, go.

Excellent work by all this morning and fun change to the traditional work out set up.


Cam Lyles- goes to Citadel and just got an Army contract.  Had the low crawl down during tunnel of love > Inch Worm

Robert Bickley- going to Citadel next year, likes to hunt and fish, likes Will Ferrell movies > Elf

Jared Keener-goes to Citadel, plays rugby, has a good beard going, Rudy makes the executive decision > Rabbi


New paddle board AO starting on Saturday at end of Johnson Marina Rd.  Coast guard station.  Will meet at 5:45am every other Saturday.

Prayers– Robber


Devo- What’s your title? by Holy Water