• When: 2023-05-09
  • QIC: Lego
  • The PAX: Soaker (R), Coon Dog, Buzz Saw (R), Hash & Rice, Garth (R), Breakfast Club, Shades of Grey, Lego, Love Shack (FNG)

Cinder Blocks Were Not Heavy Enough

With the Annual Shawshank Pool Party coming up, YHC felt a little ab workout would be appropriate. Also wanted to bring out some dumbells that were laying around the house.  Something a little heavier than the standard issue Cinder Blocks.

6 Pax showed up for an Extra Full Stride Light to get the party started.  Coon Dog brought an FNG who said, “If I am going to do this, no point in dipping my toes in, just dive into the deep end.” FNG for Stride Light and Boot Camp.  Possible first!! 

WEATHER:  Pretty humid and warm.  Miserable hot is just around the corner.


Circle Of Pain.

20 SSH in cadence.  Everything was called out correctly.  Too bad Ken Doll was not there to see it. 

Everything was already set up at the picnic shelter.  Various weight Dumbbells and two yoga mats – there was a lot of BBSU’s.  If you were too manly to use the yoga mat, you were free to sit on the concrete.  All present chose the mat.  Partner up.

Partner 1 starts doing exercises on the White board, while Partner 2 Farmer’s carry dumbbells around first island.   Flip Flop when Partner 2 gets back.  Exercises on white board are not a team event, so you pick up where you left off.  Each time you carry the dumbbells, pick up a different weight so as to maximize the gains and the fun.  Dumbbells were 30, 35, 50, 55, and 60 lbs.  The 60 lbs. dumbbells were a real crowd pleaser.  

White Board exercises:

100 LBC


80 American Hammers

70 Flutter Kicks

60 Peter Parkers

50 Gas Pumps

40 Freddie Mercury

30 Leg Raises

Plank Until Partner Returns

10 Burpees.

With 1 minute left, Everyone dropped to end of White Board.  Did not want to start day without at least a few Burpees. SOG would have been very displeased if he missed burpees.


9 Year Anniversary at Shawshank – this Saturday 6 AM

July 22 Shawshank Pool Party 


Garth and Family

Cheers and Family


SOG’s Dad – car accident

Lexington Pax – Calabash – victim of house fire.  family is ok, but GoFundMe page has been set up if you feel lead to give


Clemson grad that didn’t use his degree, went into Commercial Roofing>>Roofing Nails>>Shingles>>Tin Roof>> Rusty Tin>>Rusty>>Buzzsaw, “If we are going that far, why don’t we say Love Shack”>>Love Shack  



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