• When: 2017-10-10
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Taurasi, Big Box, Lego, Buzzsaw, Bonsai, Lamont, Ponzi, Frazier (welcome), Coon Dog, Knowzit, Bing, Raft, Elmers, Cheers

Cheers’ Block (and Gout friendly) Workout

It’s been about a month since YHC led this great group of men. We had an outstanding showing considering the humidity (in October) along with a new AO launching just down the road. Thanks for allowing me to do a block, slowsy, workout. YHC is still dealing with the aftermath of a gout flare up and running is still a process.

Conditions: 75 degrees and unbelievably humid


Slowsy to block pile, then a slowsy Indian Run with the blocks around soccer field.

PAX gather in a circle to conduct a team building exercise. Each PAX is conducting the same exercise while one PAX is doing a different exercise. After their count is up, the PAX doing the solo exercise joins in with the team, while the PAX next to him starts the solo exercise. Once each PAX in the circle does a solo, we recover and start a new round.

Round 1:
Team exercise: Tricep extension until failure, then 30 second rest, then more tricep extensions and repeat.

Solo exercise: Merkins x 10

Round 2:
Team: Curls for the curls until failure, repeat after 30 second rest

Solo: Rows x 10

Round 3:
Team: Big Boy sit-ups until failure, repeat after 30 second rest

Solo: Flutter kicks x 10 each leg

Mosey to center of soccer field with blocks

1st set exercise:
Shoulder press x 20 OC
Army crawl w/o block 50 yards to goal post
At goal post Squats x 50 OC
Army crawl back to midfield

2nd set exercise:
Shoulder press x 20
Lunge to goal post
Squats x 40 at goal post
Lunge back to midfield

Put blocks away and mosey to shelter

At shelter:
Incline Merkins x 25
Decline Merkins x 25
Dips x 25

30 heel touches on Uncle Ron’s count to make up for his not getting to do pull-ups.

-It was a little quiet without Notebook.
-At least Uncle Ron made an appearance.
-Welcome FNG Frazier.


-Donations for Need for Speed; give money to Bing or PayPal using Thumbs Up’s link. Make sure that you reference Shawshank, Lego, or Ponzi.
-John Flanagan Memorial 5K, 10K, Half November 11
-5K at Saluda Shoals this weekend
-Keep in mind the new AOs that have formed in the area and try to visit, just remember where home is!

-YHC’s cousin who had heart surgery this week
-Milk and Cookies is having PT for his knee
-Big Box will be out of town next week
-Raft’s wife

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