• When: 2017-09-12
  • QIC: I-Mom
  • The PAX: Bouche, PawnStars, Mercy Rule, TrackHoe, Overage, Imom

CAT gets a beeping beatdown

6 CAT faithfuls did not let the threat of rain, running through puddles, or a two hour delay keep them from getting better today! As is almost always the case the rain ceased a few mins before BC and left clear skies for the fun!

Weather: 70 and damp

The Beatdown:

Slowzy to the LOPAC stairs:

15 Squats IC

10 LBAC 10 Rev IC

10 Dirty Birds IC

11 Cherry Pickers IC

Tip of the cap to Hoist for showing this to me

Beep Test: you have 30 seconds to complete each exercise, if you finish before time is up go another round. When you can not complete the reps in time move to the next station.

1. 15 HR Merkins

2. 15 Jump Squats

3. 8 Burpees

4. 15 Butterfly Situps

5. 15 Donkey Kicks

Complete as many rounds as possible 100% you vs you!

Prayer Request: All effected by hurricanes


Lexington High Run Hard Race 10/7

Cheech 10k 11/11