• When: 2017-09-12
  • QIC: Pot Hole
  • The PAX: 19 - Abby Whomback (respect), Fat Head, Happy Gilmore, Cornwallis, Timber, Skidder, Harper Valley, Stats (respect), Sacajawea (respect), DuFresne, Skhipper, Flight Risk, Mayhem (respect), May Plant (respect), Big Load, Wojo, Snookie, Abacus, Schrute

Hurricane Hoedown

I asked Irma to dinner and dancing but she dumped me for Mickey Mouse. I figured the next best thing was bustin a groove in the gloom with a few of my best bros.

Conditions: 65 degrees, overcast, muggy, soggy ground, sticks and limbs down



Chinook – 25 IC – flapjack
Woodchoppers – 20 IC
Windmill – 20 IC

Mosey to SE corner of AO

Al Gore with PAX count off
Travoltas – 20 IC – flapjack

The Thang

Head over to Chestnut St

⅓ Carioca facing east, ⅓ carioca facing west, ⅓ jog to corner

Chinook Squats (3 circles then squat) 20 IC
Carolina Dry Docks 20 OYO

Head over to Lyttleton St

⅓ Frankensteins, ⅓ high knees, ⅓ jog

Hillbilly Rockettes 20 IC
Dancing Bears 20 IC

Indian Run to Pine St

Jacobs Ladder on the hill (5 trips), PAX planks while others finish


Top – squats (4, 8, 12, 16, 20)

Middle – plank jacks (4, 8, 12, 16, 20)

Bottom – burpees (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)


½ Back peddle, ½ jog

Indian run back to Chestnut St

Four corners around AO

  1. Hillbilly rockettes 20 OYO
  2. Dancing Bear 20 OYO
  3. Carolina Dry Docks 20 OYO
  4. Chinook Squats 20 OYO

Mosey to cool down COP

Morrocan Night Clubs 30 OYO
Plank Series- FR Story Time  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-7GzYuPP7M

Shovel Flag for COT

Moleskin: Too many Travoltas in a row, lost some momentum on that one. It would be better to throw in 10 IC in several places between other exercises. Chinook squats should be done in the daylight!