• When: 2019-09-07
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Quisenberry, Candy Stripe, Canseco, Boo, Wapner, Pick Axe, Hatchet, Hammer, Swanson, FNG Papa Johns, Little Giants, Tattoo, Dear Diary, Booster

Car pushing at TP

14 PAX post Turning Point for some curb hopping, car pushing, and block carrying that left all of us toasted by 7am. T-claps to the PAX who got after it before hand and did the Iron Pax workout, some running, or both.

Conditions- 65 and perfect

The THANG- Disclaimer, finish Little Giants and Booster last set of Iron Pax- 10 Burpees, 10 Bonnie Blairs, 10 BBSU and 30 yard bear crawl. Prayer, COP started by Wapner finished by Booster.

Curb work- bunny hops, scissors, Justin Timberlake’s, Up Downs

Split into groups of 3-4 and grab a vehicle and in rotating fashion push car around the parking lot and doing merkins at the top and bottom of the row. Had to modify some but I think it was a good workout for 25 min or so.

Mosey to blocks and grab blocks. Head to middle of field with blocks, and complete the following exercises IC, and in between each exercise we ran to the sideline and back. Curls, Shoulder press, napalms, elf on a shelf, napalms, block burpees, merkins, and then finally we bear crawled with the blocks to the sideline and put the blocks back. Moseyed to shovel flag for 5 min of Mary.

Count a Rama, name a Rama

FNG- Peyton, Swanson’s son. 8 years old at Midway. Likes a lot of different sports. Pizza is favorite food. May have been named after Peyton Manning- who owns some of Papa Johns. Papa Johns it is

Announcements, prayer requests: Corbett, Boo’s M, Swanson’s family

Devo- James talks about our tongue and how it we need to be intentional to control it. With the access of information and the ability to put anything and everything we want in front of thousands of people instantly, we need to make sure we are focused on furthering The Kingdom and if our words take away from that and/or steer people away from Jesus because of our words we need to examine and evaluate ourself.