• When: 2019-09-07
  • QIC: Contra
  • The PAX: T Spot, Papa Giorgio, Handlebar, Inuit, Columbo, OchoCinco, Altar Boy, Contra

Block beatdown

Conditions: cool and clear

Disclaimer/Opening Prayer

Mosey around the parking lot to Legoland, including high knees, sidestep to the left and sidestep to the right

Each pax collected a duplo and carried it to Northside Middle School bus loop

COP: 15 each, IC

-SSH, TTT, windmill, mercans, Michael Phelps, LBC, squats

Pax paired up and while one pax ran the parking lot loop, the other pax did exercises until each pair accomplished 200 mercans, 300 BBSU, and 400 goblin squats (number of squats was modified for time, doing as many as possible until time called)

Pax carried duplos back to Legoland and exchanged them for 2 legos

Mary: 15 each, IC

-flutterkicks, plank-o-rama (right arm up, regular, left arm up, regular, right leg up, regular, left leg up, regular), Hello Dolly, boxcutters, LBC

Mosey back to shovel flag



-5-year anniversary of Jumanji next Saturday, 9-14-19

Prayer Requests:

-unspoken needs

Closing Prayer

Q-Source discussion on Shield-Lock by Altar Boy