• When: 6/20/2015
  • QIC: Quest
  • The PAX: Candy Stripe, Boo, Quisenberry, Dance Machine, Swanson, Nikita, Utah, Whisper, Weekend Special, Netflix, Treadmill, Quest

Burpie Block Tour – 5th Stop Turning Point

Conditions: 79 and hot!

Disclaimer & Prayer

Right after prayer head over to open field for COP

SSH – 30 IC
Little Arm Circles – 25 IC Each Way
TTT – 20 IC

Head over and get the blocks for all to enjoy
I showed the PAX the exercise
No real burpies involved in this exercise but all of the motion of one
We would start the a Burpie form and do 1 merkin on the block, come up to a row, then 1 squat, then up to 1 shoulder Press
Next set – 2 Merkins, 2 Rows, 2 Squats, 2 Shoulder Press
continue until YHC called Time or 1 of the PAX hit 25 reps

If someone hit the number before time, the rest of the PAX finished up with 10 Burpies

Nobody hit 25 so we all did 10 Burpies

We finished up here with 20 minutes to spare so off to the stairs for Calf Raises

Straight Calf Raises – 20 IC
Heels in – 20 IC
Heels Out – 20 IC

Bunny Hop Indian run….1 round
Form a line on the breeze way and head to the parking lot
Bunny Hop in a line and the last person run or mosey to the front and keep bunny hopping……

We sill had time so lets head over to the small grass area by the school.

LBC – 25 IC
Flutter Kicks – 25 IC
6″ for 35 sec, rest, 25 sec, rest, 15 sec


Prayer Requests

– Crucible – 6/27 Need Volunteers
– GRT & GRL – July 10 & 11
– Sweet Baby O 5K – August 1
– Stomp the swamp
– First Friday Fathers will commence June 6 and will be held every first Friday of the month during the Summer. – PreBlast http://f3nation.com/2015/05/30/first-friday-fathers-is-back/
– Stomp The Swamp 5k @ River Bluff High School on August 29th. There will be a special “Double Down” medal to anyone completing a F3 Workout and the 5k. A code to enter when you sign up online. More details coming soon
– Blue Ridge Relay, September 11-12
– Lexington 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon in November 2015 – Pre Blast Coming

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