• When: 2018-03-17
  • QIC: Wee Wee and Escobar
  • The PAX: Hemingway, Contra, Ebert, Buzzsaw (Respect), Brick, Abner, Escobar, and Wee Wee

Burpee Delivery from Surge to Cryptonite

There was an F3Lexington call for each AO to signup to Q out at Cryptonite and Wee Wee and YHC signed up; however, we first signed up on the same Saturday as Dam to Dam Relay so we had to reschedule for today.  We talked a few times before Saturday about our plans, but had the finale finalized on Friday and you can read about it here.  Excellent group today encouraging each other and pushing each other to get better.  Great to see Buzzsaw/Uncle Ron to keep us focused on form.

Conditions:  Cool

One minute warning, no FNGs, disclaimer and prayer.

We started by running one lap around the parking lot and then the fun began.

St. Patrick’s Day Circuit:

17 Pull-ups

17 Squats

17 Burpees

17 Balls-to-the-Wall Merkins

Run parking lot loop

This circuit was completed 3 times and PAX did BBSU’s as we waited on everyone to finish.

Next up was a 70% AYG run to the hills by the band field for a little bit of Triple Nickel Hill:

5 burpees

Run up the hill

5 burpees at top

Run back down

7 burpees at bottom.

We did this once and the PAX did squats waiting on everyone to finish.

Next up was a 70% AYG run to the hill near tennis courts:

17 Hand Release Merkins

Run up the hill

17 LBC’s

Run back down

17 Iron Crosses

Next up was a 70% AYG run to the bottom of Reaper Hill and when we got there some really good fun was started by Wee Wee.  With a smile, Wee Wee described the plan for our travels up Reaper Hill.  Which included the following:

Indian Run Burpee Broad Jump to start:

PAX lined up in Plank formation – head to toe – up the hill.  The PAX at the end would Burpee Broad Jump to the front, return to plank position, and then the next PAX at the end would start his Burpee Broad Jump…we cycled through this a few times and then adjusted the stationary/line and movement exercises to include these:

Stationary/Line: Plank, Low Plank, LBCs, Plank Jacks, and Mountain Climbers

Movement:  Burpee Broad Jumps and Bear Crawls

As our time on Reaper Hill ended, we moseyed back to the virtual shovel flag and recovered.



  • P200 next weekend
  • Mud Run
  • 3/31 – 3-yr anniversary at The Mission AO downtown Columbia (8:30am – time for a Double Down)
  • 4/21 – Shawshank short convergence workout, then a 30 minute workout with the guys from the homeless shelter/transitions mission – Check with Cheers with any questions


  • Billy Bob brother-in-law
  • P200 runners and drivers