• When: 2019-08-23
  • QIC: Argyle
  • The PAX: Scotch, Meatball, Mercy Rule, Kendoll, Wingback, Coon Dog, Forest, Chimichanga, Rock Drop, Hoist, Argyle

Build a Better Burpee

Sometimes you need to work on your weaknesses. YHC has many weaknesses some will be discussed later.

There was no circle up, I don’t think there was a prayer, and since there were no FNGs I doubt there was a disclaimer, but there could have been. I wasn’t there. overslept my own Q, a huge fear of mine, but I was in the parking lot to see the other 10 Pax complete 2 loops of the oval.

After I tied my shoes and put on the old headband I was ready to take the Q from Kendoll. we moseyed to the top of the parking deck. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to work on some things I struggle with, namely burpees and running.

Warm up



Mosey to the bottom of the parking deck

1 Merkin

Mosey to the top of the lower parking deck

1 Plank Thrust

Mosey to the top of the parking deck

1 squat jump

Mosey to the start point

1 Burpee

R/R until time was called adding one rep to each exercise on each lap

Most Pax got 10 laps in (55 of each exercise) before the mutiny attempts convinced me to move to something else.

Mosey around the parking oval and circle up for Mary

Merkins, Mountian climbers, V-ups, Hello Dolly’s, High hello Dolly’s, froggers, Freddie Mercuries, heal touches, and LBCs were all called.

All in All, check your alarm clock and set a backup, work on your weaknesses, excell at your strengths, i now know that I can make it from completly asleep to Urban Legend in 11 minutes.