• When: 2019-08-01
  • QIC: Ponzi
  • The PAX: Cooter, Honey Boo Boo, Hoist, Stalker, Heisenberg (R), Wild Hog, All 9s, Slumlord(R), Inspector Mom, Gravedigger, Meatball, Scotch, Hedges, Chuck Wagon, Mercy Rule, Cramps, Ponzi

Brick and move

YHC rolled into the Hollow this morning with 16 eager Pax waiting. It is amazing how early all these Pax arrive to hang out prior to a beatdown. There were so many Pax (9) lit up for Stride Lite that it look like Christmas presented by Nox Gear. As Mercy Rule pointed out about halfway through the workout, there was no weinke and this was a workout made up based on how YHC’s back was cooperating. So, YHC will try to capture the essence of the beatdown.

Weather: 71 and still pretty humid

The thang:
Mosey around the parking lot and return to circle up:
50 SSH 4ct IC
15 LBAC forward/backward 4ct IC
20 Mountain Climbers 4ct IC
25 Flutter kicks 4ct IC
10 TTT 4ct IC

Mosey to the brick pile and line up in the grassy area between the parking lot and the service road:
20 burpees with bricks OYO
20 squats with brick overhead OYO
20 calf raises outside, center, inside on your brick OYO
20 monkey humpers OYO
Spider man crawl to the light pole (Note: it was much further than YHC thought…)
Sprint back
Mosey around the parking lot
20 monkey humpers OYO
10 burpees with bricks OYO
10 hand release merkins OYO
10 Iron cross with pulse to V-up OYO
Mosey around the courtyard
Bear crawl with bricks to the light pole
10 squats with brick overhead
Lunge back
Indian run around the parking lot
5 burpees with bricks OYO
25 flutter kicks  with block overhead 4ct IC
Mosey back to the brick pile and return the bricks
Mosey to the courtyard and do 1 burpee at each illuminated light pole
Mosey back to the shovel flag

Next time YHC will have a weinke to keep the order of things straight.

Announcements: Stomp the Swamp / Jail Break 5k are both on 8/24

Prayers: Maggie and Blindside/Volley’s family