• When: 2018-03-15
  • QIC: Boo Boo
  • The PAX: Ocho Cinco, Dinghy, Whittle, Crayola, Boo Boo

Boo Boo’s First Time Galloping with #TheHerd

Ocho Cinco paid the boys of F3DET a visit a while ago so I decided to return the favor and try to bring some pain to the men at Jumanji.  Here’s how it went:

Weather: cold. can we stop this nonsense already.

The Thang:

Saw a bobbing headlight coming up the road so we ran to pick up Ocho Cinco and finish his run with him for a nice warm up.  Got back to the shovel flag and thanked the Lord for getting us out into #thegloom and asked Him to get us through the workout safely. Warmed up some more with something like this:

SSH x 20

LBAC x 20

TTT x 20

Squats x 20

Took a lap around the approximately 2/3 mile track, performing a burpee at each light pole.  This was about 40 burpees total, give or take a few.  Solid work was done here by these guys, lots of hard workers and good fellowship.

Lunge from the fork in the trail up to the bathroom.  Circle around back and grab a concrete masonry unit and head for the parking lot.

15 slo mo Cs for Gs

15 block merks

15 slo mo Cs for Gs

Arms are feeling right, throw in some big baby arm circles x 15

15 OH block press

15 slo mo Cs for Gs

Performed 5 16-count-manmakers/block busters.  (Kudos to the Nantan here, I don’t know how he keeps the cadence on these but after multiple attempts, I keep messing it up. Maybe one day…)

Ran to the concession stand, performing a burpee at every light pole (Yay burpees!)

Wall sit against the brick building and each PAX takes a turn running to the bleachers on the left and perform 5 incline merkins while all other PAX continue to wall sit.  Repeat the same, going to the left bleachers and doing 5 derkins instead.

Ran to the shovel flag, doing a burpee at every light pole.



Awesome work by these men this morning.  Lots of burpees done and lots of teamwork happening at Jumanji.  Will definitely be back.




Convergence with The Mission (Training Wheels)

F3 3rd F 5k (Mac)


Prayer Requests:

Ocho Cinco’s dog having some back problems

Crayola’s radiator and back problems