• When: 2018-05-24
  • QIC: Ranger
  • The PAX: Say What, POTUS, Dirty Bird, Chum, Bionic, Grease Monkey, Strom, Ranger

Boneyard Hill Lights Block Workout

8 Pax post to Boneyard for a big helping of betterment. They may not run but they do put the work in! This group of respect pax along with the “youngster” Say What?!” is great to be around an reminds you that you can do anything regardless of age. They aren’t as fast as they used to be but they get it done. RESPECT!

Weather: 70ish & Humid

The Thang:


Circle Up
SSH x 20 IC
TTT x 20 IC
Imperial Walker x 20 IC

Mosey to block pile

Start at the 1st Light and do exercises at each light to the bottom of the hill. Overhead Carry Blocks to each station (sequence was something close to this….)
1st – 10 Merkins IC
2nd – 10 Curls IC
3rd – 10 Block Presses IC
4th – 10 Tricep Extensions IC
5th – 10 Squats IC
6th – 10 Lunges IC
7th – 20 LBC IC
8th – 40 Flutters IC
9th – 20 Boat Canoe
10th – 20 Block Step Ups IC

Back up the Hill stopping for exercises at every other light, Overhead Cary Blocks to each station

9th – 10 Merkins IC
7th – 10 Curls IC
5th – 10 Block Presses IC
3rd – 10 Tricep Extension IC
1st – 10 Merkins IC

Return Blocks and Mosey to Flag



Announcements: Memorial Day Murphs: Viper Bounty 5:00, Viper 5:00, Smokehouse 6:00, Cryptonite 7:00. Jail Break 5K Saturday

Prayer: Dear Diary, Badger Family, Jaws & 2.0,

Devo: What is your purpose? What do your actions show versus what it should be?