• When: 2018-01-18
  • QIC: MuggyTape
  • The PAX: KenDoll, FieldGoal, WeeWee, Lt Dan, LongHaul, Abner, NetZero, MuggyTape

Blocks and Sandbags

YHC was given the word that this group liked to run so I decided to use my latest CAT Q workout to slow these flatbacks down a bit.  7 strong men defeated the fartsack and joined YHC to brave the 19 degree temps to get better.  The cold weather made it difficult for YHC to count and then the pax brought the mumblechatter.  Also had a surprise visit from FieldGoal and KenDoll.  Thanks for your support men and good work.


Weather:  A Brisk 19

The Thang:




SSH – 20

IW  – 20

TTT – 20

LB Arm circles – 10 forward & backward

Pair up:

Sandbag work with 60lb bag:  1 team leaves the workout below to perform sandbag reps then flapjacks with other team

Rd1 – 8-squat thrusters w/forward throw & merkins, Rd2:  5-burpee pressing sandbag over head & squats

Grab 2 blocks and line up at front school:

RD1: Partner 1: farmers carry the blocks about 50yds out then back, partner 2 flutter kick (2 ct) , flap jack, total 300 per team

RD2: partner 1 farmers carry the blocks, partner 2 American Hammers (2 ct), flapjack 300 per team

RD3: partner 1 farmers carry the blocks, partner 2 LBC total 300 per team

10- Burpees oyo to finish it off


Prayer Requests:

Marriages, Pax in Summerville that suddenly fell ill,  Gremlin’s (Mint Hill Pax) family, Cramps moms surgery next week.


WeeWee loves sandbag work. I think he is ready to take on a Goruck event

Lt Dan was concerned that after all those farmers carry’s that he may some issues when Elvis calls.  Good Luck sir.


1/27 Convergence at Dreher HS for Bootcam; and leadership training to follow. There will be limited bootcamps in Lexington that morning.

1/27 Growruck

2/24 Dam to Dam race

Dec 2018 Christmas Party