• When: 2018-01-18
  • QIC: Binary
  • The PAX: Honey Do, Two Gloves, Binary

Bricks don’t feel the cold

It was cold, clear morning at Sandlot today but one where it seemed the temps kept some of our usuals away.  Binary was on the Q and having that accountability helped to make sure he was there himself.  The layers were plenty but the Q for today planned to have ample work that got blood flow going and the ability to get warm soon.  Here we go.


Conditions: 18 and clear

The Thang:

Grab your two Bricks (carry whole time)
SSH(x5 IC) Burpees (x2) 5 Rounds
Bicep curls x 15 IC
Squats 15 IC
Russians 15 IC
Rowers 10 IC

Mosey to Hot Tub Hill
Jacobs Ladder the hill 7 laps w/ Burpees at top (3) increase by 3 each lap to finish lap 7 w/ 21 Burps
3 Laps of Hill – At top Curls 21s w/ flutter kicks x 25 both legs

Mosey back to parking lot
SSH(x5 IC) Burpees (x2) 5 Rounds
Bicep curls x 15 IC
Squats 20 IC
Russians 15 IC
Rowers 10 IC

Bricks up and Circle for Mary

Hours of Time – 115



Great push and glad to have 2 other pax join as Q didn’t know if there would be anyone to show.  Shared from Acts 6 today as it spoke of the time the disciples knew their “Why” when they needed to serve the widows of the Hellenistic Jews.  They knew their main focus needed to be on God’s word, teaching, preaching, and praying.  Therefore, they designated and empowered other men to help lead this cause.  This time for them is relevant to us today.  We need to know our Why.  When we know it, we will make every effort to ensure there are not things that are cutting away it and preventing us from being at our best.  We need to recognize when the good needs to be delegated to others for the best.  That’s not easy.  Busyness is celebrated in our society when in reality it makes us less effective and over-stretched.  Let’s be better men.  Let’s know our why and fight to pursue it.


Sawmill/Sandlot – 1/25/2018 @ Sandlot