• When: 2018-01-18
  • QIC: Splinter & Chaser
  • The PAX: Billy Bob, Eldrick, Gaston, Garnish, Pinkman, Duckie, WallE, Chaser, Cornstache, Collar, RA, Newman, Splinter


13 men appeared in the 20 degree gloom.  Two of them, YHC and Splinter, had the Dueling Q on this day.  Work was done and done right. It was a workout to be proud of.

Conditions: 20, dry and calm.


From COT run Briarwood to Satchel Ford to the bus loop.

Chaser: 10 merkins, chest to the ground on “down”, full extension on “up”.

Splinter: 4 “broke up” burpees OYO (2 merkins at the bottom, 2 half burpees, two squats, two squat jumps = 1)

Chaser: 5 Gasers in the bus loop (50 yards down, 50 yards back). 20 seconds rest in between.

Splinter: To the playground, 10 dead hang pull-ups on call of “down” and “up”, 5 pull-ups OYO

Chaser: To the basketball court…10 #FrankMartins (basketball defense stance with but down, slide from one side of court to the other, staying down, and back = 1)

Splinter: 20 hand slide sit-ups, 20 reverse crunches, 20 double-leg flutters

Chaser: To the playground, partner up. Each pair complete 40 total decline merkins, 40 total pull-ups, 40 total burps. One partner works at a time. Non-working partner watches for form.

Splinter: To Shannon Springs, bottom of hill to the top 10 to 5 ladder of merkins at the bottom, squats at the top. Everyone watch for good reps.

Chaser: To the bus loop, 4 Gasers. 20 seconds rest in between.

Mosey up Satchel Ford to Briarwood to COT.

COT and BOM led by Splinter.

Moleskin: Good work men. Rep counts were manageable and broken up so that no one particular muscle group got shot at once. Its on the Q to make sure his workout is “doable”. Helps no one to construct a workout that can’t be accomplished. Helps no one to call reps too fast or too numerous to be completed. Causes guys to cut corners either by giving up and cutting reps or having horrible form to be able to “complete” the reps. I’ve learned all of this the hard way. Its on all of us though to hold each other accountable for our form. Prevents injury and gives credibility to our workouts. Tired of F3 being a punchline for half push ups and head bob squats. We’re better than that. Great work done right Thursday morning.