• When: 2019-01-22
  • QIC: Cowbell
  • The PAX: Ponzie, Terassi, Dr. Lovin, Gills, Knozit, FNG Tadpole, Soaker, Bing, Bonzi, Dunphy, Lego, Hash & Rice, Buzzsaw, Coon Dog, Cheers

Birthday Q#46

It was a cold 25* out, but 16 faithful men came to help me celebrate 46 years of life while getting a workout in. Thank you to all my friends and PAX who came out. I greatly appreciated it.

We began our workout by running to the top of the parking lot. We then circled up and did 46 side straddle hops. The PAX might have realized that was a theme quickly, since every exercise had 46 reps.

We then mosied to the block pile. We gathered our blocks and made our way back towards the bridge and lined up facing the hill on the sidewalk.

We did 5 rounds of block work followed by a bear crawl up the hill and more exercises at the top

First round was Curls for the girls with the blocks and Iron crosses at the top (46 reps each)

Second round was overhead presses and squats at the top.

Round three was block swings and murkins at the top

Round four was bent over rows and BBSups at the top

Last round was more curls and plank jacks at the top

Mosey back to block pile to drop them off. Then Mosey to the stairs to do 46 calf raises. Lunge 46 steps to the shelter. 46 second wall sit. 46 tricep dips on the benches, 46 step ups and 46 incline murkins.

I had fun and really appreciate all my friends showing up to wish me a happy birthday. Thanks guys.