• When: 2019-01-24
  • QIC: Harp
  • The PAX: Finch, Brainiac, Ebert, McCafe, Honeybun (Respect), Deadstick (Respect), Steamer, Stagefright, Katniss, Harp (Respect)

5 years of betterment

Conditions: 63 and raining

It’s been brutally cold for the last several days and thankfully today was a whole lot warmer, albeit a bit wet, but we’re going to focus on the positives.  Pax came rolling in early to help YHC celebrate his 5 years of betterment and hopefully everyone got their money’s worth.



15 TTT fully erect IC -(celebrate Clemson’s 15 wins)

3 4 count Merkins IC -(Clemson’s 3 national football titles)

20 4 count Flutter kicks IC (Clemson’s 20 conference titles)

0 Burpees (Other teams national and SEC titles)

YHC is grateful for all the Pax that have been helpful and inspirational during his time, so it was decided that the pax would dictate the level of intensity.   In a circle of pain, Pax 1 calls an exercise  and all pax complete 10 reps of that exercise.  The next pax calls an exercise, all pax complete exercise 1 for 10 reps then exercise 2 for 10 reps.  The following exercises were called and the total reps completed are listed in parenthesis.  The pace was fast and there was no rest between exercises or rounds

  • Monkey Humpers (100)
  • Squats (90)
  • Overhead arm claps (80)
  • Merkins (70)
  • American hammers (60)
  • LBCs (50)
  • Burpees (40)
  • BBSU (30)
  • Mountain climbers (20)
  • Shoulder taps (10)

On your 6 in a circle.  Pax with basketball, rolls back with ball extended, touches ground, then on the way up, (basically a BBSU) overhead two handed toss to another pax who R & R and tosses to another.  If the ball touches the ground the entire group does 3 burpees.  The group was pretty spread out so there were some really nice tosses and catches, but there were also a lot of burpees.

Hot Potato-Standing in a circle, Pax 1 tosses the ball to pax 2 and completes a burpee,  Pax 2 tosses to 3 and completes a burpee and so on and so forth.  As the ball moves around the circle, burpees are being done.  If the next pax is not ready, the group does burpees.

Every two circuits around the circle, we added Merkins to the burpees, we got up to 5 merkins before the ball hit the ground

Same circle, but group planks.  Pax 1 does merkin on the ball then rolls to next pax, 2 circuits around adding 1 merkin each time





MCG Long run 2/2

Dam2dam 2/16

Palmetto 200 3/22-3/23

Prayers – Kukoc’s M

Moleskin:  YHC first posted at Depot back in 2014 with a group of men who had invited YHC to this new workout thing.  The temp was around 9 degrees and roughly 90 seconds into the workout YHC was pretty sure death was imminent.  Every layer was soaking wet, fingers were so numb there was no feeling left and YHC was so exhausted passing out would have been a relief, but yet, it was awesome.  For a while, depot was the only option until GY was opened and then the expansion hit Snakepit.  YHC really felt at home at snakepit.  It’s always been a pretty close knit group and each and every pax has served to motivate, inspire and inspire each other in a way that is really special and hard to find. YHC hopes to keep at it for many more years and that every man alive could find a group of brothers like this that push him to be a better in all ways.

Thank you, brothers!